The Flash – Season 1 Episode 11: “The Sound and the Fury”

Like every other Flash episode, this episode too had a moral theme. “Heroes”. Barry Allen AKA The Flash (Played by Grant Gustin *cue for girls to shout and fangirl*) is going about his daily routine of balancing his life as a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department and the Speeding Scarlet of Central City, when Hartley Rathaway AKA The Pied Piper (Played by Andy Mientus) decides to return to Central City to spread havoc and avenge himself.

As the episode unfolds, the back story of Hartley Rathaway is shown. He is shown as a protege of Dr. Harrison Wells (Played by Tom Canvanagh), who is betrayed by the latter because Rathaway seemed to be meddling with Dr. Wells’ dear project, The Particle Accelerator.

SPOILER ALERT: Rathaway pointed out that there was risk of the Particle Accelerator blowing a hole in Central City and how numerous citizens would become victims to the explosion, but Dr. Wells ignored his advice and went onto fire him. 

We are still oblivious as to what happened to Rathaway during the explosion. 

Rathaway manages to outfox The Flash on two occasions and almost kills him, but for the brilliance of Dr. Wells, Barry survived.

Numerous number of flashbacks displayed the history of Rathaway before the explosion of the Particle Accelerator. Rathaway is shown as a stuck-up, omniscient prodigy, who was born to inherit Dr. Wells’ throne. His egotistic nature caused many of his colleagues to have dissidents with him. His malevolent nature towards Cisco Ramon (Played by Carlos Valdes), who was just hired by Dr. Wells at that point of time caused a falling out between the two right from the beginning. As the story progressed from Cisco’s anti-pathetic sentiments towards Rathaway are boldly showcased right to the end.

Iris West (Played by Candice Patton), Barry’s childhood friend, roommate and love interest, is shown to have moved in with her boyfriend Eddie Thawne (Played by Rick Cosnett). She is offered a job Central City Picture News, but soon finds out she was only offered the job because of her link to The Flash, who she used to blog about but has stopped. She looks to make a name for herself and come off as a strong, passionate, determined, budding journalist but is instantly shunned down.

SPOILER ALERT: At the end of the episode, the Pied Piper reveals the whereabouts of, the actual story of and the cure for Ronnie Raymond AKA Firestorm (Played by Robbie Amell).

“I have failed this city” – Dr. Harrison Wells. A dialogue that has been very prominent in the show: Arrow, which belongs in the same universe as The Flash. 

Unlike the other episodes, The Flash was not the savior this time around, but it was Dr. Wells, which is ironical as he was shown in his secret lair with his Reverse Flash costume. The Reverse Flash is The Flash’s arch nemesis in the comics. The writers have complicated the plot just enough to keep the viewers intrigued but not get frustrated so far.

Overall, the episode was quite enjoyable, but was missing the action packed scenes seen in the previous episode. The animation was top-notch and still continues to impress me for a medium budget television series.

My Rating for this week’s episode of the Flash: 7.5/10 


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