Arrow Season 3 Episode 11: “Midnight City”

You do not know how valuable something is, until it’s gone. Now that Daniel “Danny” Brickwell AKA Brick (Played by Vinnie Jones) has taken over the glades, the people of Starling City are sorely missing The Arrow because unlike before, this time he did not come to their rescue. Only if they knew, The Arrow AKA Oliver Queen (Played by Stephen Amell *cue fangirls*) had gone to Nanda Parbat to fight one of the most of the most dangerous man to have walked the Earth, Ra’s al Ghul and had lost to him.

In the previous episode, we see how Maseo Yamashiro (Played by Karl Yune) recovers Oliver’s cold dead body and takes it to his wife, Tatsu (Played by Rila Fukushima) who brings Oliver back to life under mysterious circumstances. If you are wondering whether it is resolved as to how Tatsu brought Oliver back to life, I’m sorry to story to disappoint you but we’re still in ambiguity. 

One thing about Arrow we’ve always loved are the flashbacks of the 5 years Oliver spent stranded on Lian Yu and now Hong Kong. The fact that the writers have decided to show that Oliver wasn’t always on the island and how in the pilot of Season 1, Oliver is rescued  from Lian Yu, only raises one question in the minds of the viewers: How did Oliver end up on the island again? Hence keeping them intrigued about what’s going to happen next. Scripts and direction like these are the reason why this age is known as the ‘age of the television’. 

As for the things in Starling City, Brick has taken over the glades and the broken team of the Arrow are unsuccessfully trying to stop him. Arsenal AKA Roy Harper (Played by Colton Haynes) and  the Canary AKA Laurel Lance (Played by Katie Cassidy) team up for the first time. Laurel has donned the mask of her demised sister, Sara who was the original Canary. Sara was trained by League of Assassins (For all the people who do not know what the League of Assassins is, it is basically Ra’s’ group of psychotic, cold-blooded murderers), but unlike her, Laurel has no training what so ever. But the rage and anger inside of her has driven her to a position where the only was she can find closure from her sister’s death is by donning her mask and her cane. As the episode progresses, her in-dexterity as a crime fighter is clearly displayed.

Felicity Smoak (Played by Emily Bett Rickards), the woman behind the Arrow’s success as well as Oliver’s love interest is still heart broken and grief-stricken by Oliver’s death. She refuses to work with Arrow’s team and they respect her decision, and try to keep their sinking boat afloat without her, but by the end of the episode she understands how Oliver might be gone, but his ideals, the purpose he lived for, his symbol as a guardian must live on. It must survive.

As the episode unfolds, Brick manages to strong arm the mayor into surrendering the Glades and every Starling City Cop is pulled out of the district. This is the first time Starling City is vulnerable since the attack of the masked men last season.

I have left a few details out, regarding the League of Assassins and Maseo to avoid spoilers. This episode didn’t seem to build up as much as it could have. The dialogues weren’t as impressive as the previous episodes. The absence of the Arrow in Starling City as well as in action sequences are being sorely felt. I simply cannot wait for the Arrow’s heroic return.

My rating for Arrow Season 3 Episode 11: 7.2/10


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