Suits – Season 4 Epsiode 11: “Enough is Enough”


Even though I’m very pleased to see Suits back and very contended that I will be able to see an episode every week for the next few months. This particular episode was a disappointment. If you look at all the season premieres and mid-season premieres of all the past seasons of Suits, there was a certain standard that was created for these returning episode. I’m afraid those standards weren’t met.

As you may know Louis Litt (Played by Rick Hoffman *giggles*) has deduced that Mike Ross (Played by Patrick J. Adams) never went to Harvard, and still Harvey Specter (Played by Gabriel Macht) hired him and Jessica Pearson (Played by Gina Torres) hesitantly complied with him. Louis wants to be made name partner of Jessica’s law firm.

“Pearson. Specter. Litt.”

Jessica agrees to Louis’ demands and makes him name partner. Not immediately, but as the episode progresses he gets it eventually, with a certain set of conditions though.

Harvey is extremely disgusted and disappointed by Jessica’s decision and cannot keep his malevolence towards Louis to himself. He goes onto show his disagreement with Jessica’s decision throughout the episode. He even goes to confront Louis but his malignant comments are met equally with responses of a surprisingly confident and stringent Louis.

The dialogues of Suits as usual swept me off my feet. With such crisp one-liners, Suits continues to be the best source for one-line comebacks. Powerful dialogues with adroit acting makes the cast Suits one of the best there is in this genre in today’s date.

Louis is convinced that Mike has always been malevolent towards him, hence did not trust him with his deep, dark secret. And to teach him a lesson, he decides to push Mike to the limit where he’d end up saying the two words Louis had said before the mid-season break. “I resign”.

Spoiler Alert: Louis takes away the associate position from Mike and makes him a paralegal instead. 

Mike is burdened with so much work but has decided to stay determined and not quit his job, so Louis starts pressing Mike where it really hurts, Rachel Zane (Played by Meghan Markle) his colleague and love interest. He maligns Rachel about her in-capabilities to become a successful lawyer at Pearson Specter Litt. The writers have shown the evil, confident and care-free side of Louis, which can be a little difficult for the viewers to accept. There is hardly any comic relief in this episode. It is understood that the season had taken a break when there was high tension in the Suits universe but with so much going on in the returning episode with just one set up and hardly anything to cut the tension, it can end up being monotonous for the viewers.

I will end my article here and not delve into further details because no matter how bad the episode, there is always something to look forward to when it’s an episode of Suits. But I can tell you I’m definitely intrigued about what is going to happen in the next episode. Them plot twists are so titillating.

My Rating for Suits – Season 4 Episode 11: 7.1/10


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