The Theory of Everything (2014)

The Theory of Everything. I’m at a loss for finding the perfect epithet for this biopic. There is this amazing tinge to the story of Stephen Hawking that makes you believe in a higher power. Life seems so much simpler and dull after being an audience to Hawking’s struggle and how he culminated into the man he is today. This movie re-kindles your faith in the words ‘love’ and ‘humanity’.

The movie begins with Stephen Hawking (Played by Eddie Redmayne) being shown us a brilliant physics student who is undecided about what he wants to specialize in. His extraordinary brilliance is clearly displayed right from the start and his omniscience in the field of physics is shown as the movie progresses. Even though the movie focuses on Hawking’s personal life and his struggles, the script has acknowledged all of the peak moments in his career as a physicist. Stephen starts dating a girl named Jane Wilde (Played by Felicity Jones *gawks*) and soon after he’s diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and is told that he doesn’t have more than 2 years to live. Jane takes the leap of faith, admits his love for him and marries him. James Marsh has done a beautiful job to capture the beautiful and titillating moments of Hawking’s life. The birth of his three children, his receiving his doctorate degree, his memories with his family.

Soon, the movie takes a darker and gloomy turn when Hawking’s condition worsens which puts Jane in a very tight spot. Jonathan (Played by Charlie Cox) is a widower who is hired to help in household chores and aid Hawking whenever needed. Soon Jane and Jonathan seem to develop feelings, which pushes Jane towards infidelity. Here, the story gives the viewers the sad truth about life where a person, no matter, how devoted will always have a breaking point. Hawking goes onto even suffer from Pneumonia which causes him to lose his ability to speak. At this point, the movie is heart-wrenching and sympathy reaches a new high. But from that moment, the movie just rises and takes us to a new level of splendor and flamboyance. From showing how Hawking got his ‘American’ accent to how he wrote his book: A Brief History of Time to how his marriage ran its course, this movie manages to capture the pleasant and motivating aspect of Stephen Hawking’s life. The movie has further captured the aspect of an atheist choosing to believe in God, just because of all the things he’s been through and how a god-like figure has helped him fight through all the hurdles.

The movie did get a little laggy for a while, but overall it was a scintillating experience. Eddie Redmayne has truly given an award-winning performance. The cinematography and direction were top-notch. Personally, Stephen Hawking has been a huge inspiration to me and seeing his biography come to life is well a dream come true. The man deserves all the accolades and respect in the world, because well he defeated all the odds and conquered the world without even getting up from his chair. 

My rating for The Theory for Everything: 8.3/10


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