Shamitabh (2015)

I am not an inveterate fan of Bollywood movies and whenever I do decide to watch one, the movie either turns out to be a huge disappointment or turns out to be extremely impressive. Shamitabh has turned out to be the latter. With an above average story line and a unique plot, the versatility of Amitabh Bachchan and the freshness of Dhanush, it’s a perfect blend that gives us one cocktail of a movie.

Shamitabh starts off with Danish (Played by Dhanush) promoting his newly released, debut movie, Lifebouy (Yes! It is inspired by the soap) and he goes onto talking about his life before he was given the role and his struggle to achieve it, which of course was all fiction. The script then shows us the actual story behind Danish about how he is born mute, but his fascination for movies leads him to do the most crazy things in life, how he lands up in Mumbai and manages to score that role.

Danish being mute obviously wasn’t cut-out for mainstream Bollywood, no matter how adroit he was at acting and expressing. He then comes across an assistant-director, Akshara Pandey (Played by Akshara Haasan) who becomes his benefactor and helps him make his name in Bollywood. She along with her father who is a doctor, take him to Finland, where a microchip is inserted in his neck which can help me speak if another person speaks through a specially designed mic. This part of story is very vague and unconvincing, but it also is the crunch scene which establishes the plot clearly for the viewers. Now Danish and Akshara are looking for a suitable voice for the former and come across a drunk, shabby, old man named Amitabh Sinha (Played by Amitabh Bachchan). From here the movie picks up its pace and the viewer starts enjoying it.

The ‘conflict of interest’ between Danish and Amitabh is hilarious. Their attempts to out do each other takes the story to a completely different place for a while. The ‘tug of war’ they have between themselves about who is the more dominating one in this partnership is extremely funny, but as the movie progresses, this partnership starts to take a darker turn and causes a fall out between the two. This leads to both of them taking rash steps which would lead to nothing beneficial, apart from them realizing that they need each other to survive in this industry. They reconcile and their bond becomes stronger than ever, but then the movie takes a very morbid turn when the two of them meet a fatal accident where the unfortunate death of the face and the loss of the voice leaves the viewer dispiriting note.

Amitabh Bachchan is absolutely splendid. His dexterity in acting and his understanding of the character have delivered an absolutely smashing performance. Emotions run wild when he gives numerous solo performances throughout the film. Shamitabh was supposed to a tribute to his great voice, and it is nothing short of that. The movie did get a little ‘laggy’ around 30 minutes before the interval, but it recovered well after. If there is one thing I would change about the movie, it would be the depressing climax, which leaves the viewer with a very negative emotion. The acting of the rest of cast could have been a little better, but their performances were definitely worth acknowledging. However at the end of movie, the viewer is left wondering, which one is the better: SHamitabh or shAMITABH?

My rating for Shamitabh: 7.9/10


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  1. PArth Chikhale says:

    Nice Review man.

    The next Rajeev Masand or the First Ryan Mitra.
    Hala Madrid

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  2. Parth Shukla says:

    Well, what I would say is that the “depressing climax” was quite predictable. It was a pretty average movie. Nice review though.

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    1. The movie could’ve had a more interesting and impressive ending


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