The Blacklist – Season 2 Episode 11: “Ruslan Denisov”

God! I’ve missed this show, especially Raymond Reddington (Played by James Spader *starts fangirling*). This episode as usual doesn’t disappoint, the same level intensity, same level of action, the same intriguing story and of course the same Raymond Reddington. Ruslan Denisov has entered the list of my all-time favorite Blacklist episodes.

The episode begins with a priest being attacked by an armed group led by the man who gives the episode its title. It’s revealed that the priest is actually an undercover CIA operative (Spoiler Alert?). Raymond as usual skims through the most uninteresting patches of the newspaper and uncovers activity of a Blacklister. The FBI then sends Agent Keen (Played by Megan Boone) and Agent Ressler (Played by Diego Klattenhoff) to Uzbekistan to negotiate the terms for the release of the CIA operative and the negotiator from Denisov’s side is none other than Raymond Reddington. Talk about a mind-blowing plot twist.

The episode is full of Blacklist classics: Raymond reminiscing about his incredible life experiences, the friction between Keen and Red, Red always having an ulterior motive. The dubious CIA sends a special ops team to ensure the extradition of the agent. They end up killing Denisov’s men but couldn’t find the operative or any other hostage. This causes Denisov to develop a lot of malevolence towards Americans and was just about to kill the operative when Raymond stops him and explains to him how he should see the larger picture.

“You kill a corporate CEO, you incur the wrath of a company. You kill a CIA agent, you incur the wrath of the US government. You know what that means? Boots on the ground, drones overhead.” 

Ruslan takes a smarter step and negotiates the release of the operative to the best deal he could’ve asked for. Raymond again manages to achieve his ulterior motive which again shows us how he can always act as a boon for the FBI, but he will always remain the most wanted man on earth and the best hitman there is.

The dialogues as usual are fantastic. James Spader with all his suave has engulfed the character of Raymond Reddington in himself and is producing one of the soon-to-be classic characters in American television. James Spader alone is enough reason to watch The Blacklist. But one can’t ignore the intensive story-line, extreme detail in every episode and the amazing back story. What I personally wish for is an episode on Red’s past endeavors, that should be treat to watch.

My rating for The Blacklist- Season 2 Episode 11: 9.2/10


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