Gotham – Season 1 Episode 16: “The Blind Fortune Teller”

You know how you’re so excited about a certain episode and as you start watching, you’re spellbound from the very first minute. And as the episode progresses, your excitement just rises until when it reaches the scene that you’ll be thinking about for the rest of the week and when the episode finishes, you feel like you’ve just a lost a piece of your soul. That’s what this episode of Gotham was like for me. The Blind Fortune Teller by far is the best episode of the season so far. ALSO THE JOKER IS HERE!! 

The episode starts off with James Gordon (Played by Ben McKenzie) and Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Played by Morena Baccarin) at a circus of the Flying Graysons, this is coherent with the comics because the Flying Graysons plays a very pivotal role in giving one of the key characters in the DC universe. A 3-generational feud between the two participating families, the Lloyds and the Graysons leads to havoc during the show when the Lloyds interrupt the performance of the Graysons. When Gordon clears out the fight and deduces that the fight was because of a woman named Lila, who was a snake dancer in the circus, he starts looking for her and comes across her trailer. Over there he finds her son, Jerome (Played by Cameron Monaghan), who seems like an introvert, over-protected child. I’m going to leave out how Gordon discovers the whereabouts of Lila, but he finds her cold, dead corpse.

A murder investigation is opened and the entire circus is being interrogated at the GCPD precinct, when a blind man named Paul Cicero (Played by Mark Margolis) approaches Gordon. Cicero is a fortune-teller at the circus and is the motive behind the title of the episode. He goes onto tell Gordon that Lila had reached him and spoken to him from ‘the other side’ and left him a clue in the form of a riddle, which would help him solve the case. Gordon is unimpressed, but Dr. Thompkins is intrigued and convinces him to probe into the matter. After solving the riddle. Gordon and Thompkins retrieve a fireman’s axe which belonged to an inactive cult. This throws this case into an abyss of ambiguity and confusion. But Gordon’s brilliance deduces that this was a gauche ploy of Cicero, to throw the police off the case. I will not delve into who murdered Lila to avoid spoilers.

Now to focus on the highlight, The Joker’s origin. This origin again is different from all the other origins in the comics and this time he has a father. Jerome talks about how his mother was nothing he earlier described her to be and how he unconscionably murdered her. Cameron Monaghan has done a brilliant job in capturing the eccentricity of The Clown Prince of Crime. His laugh, his body-language, his vocal patterns, his smile is all coherent with the comics and the animated series. During the interrogation scenes, I had goosebumps when he transforms into his true self. By far, the best scene in Gotham so far. Considering how excited you must be, if you’re an inveterate fan of the Joker or the comics, I would like to end with what that Harvey Bullock (Played by Donal Logue) said near the end of the show, which my had my nerves jingling with excitement, “Why so Happy?” 

My Rating for Gotham Season 1 Episode 16: 9.2/10


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  1. Parth Shukla says:

    I would be happier if the writers stuck to the chemical bath origin, but then, as the Joker once said:”Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another … if I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!”- The Killing Joke, March 1988.


    1. I like the multiple origins concept
      The chemical bath thing will probably happen anyway when he joins the red good gang, that’s how his face will get the permanent smile


  2. We don’t know if he is the Joker. The showrunners have said that they will tease different Jokers throughout the seasons.


    1. Ben McKenzie has confirmed he is the Joker who’ll be joining the Red Hood


  3. Have you by any chance seen death note? It’s anime series.
    If yes, then I would like you to review it as I really like reading your thoughts on the shows.


    1. I know about Death Note. I have watched a couple of episodes. I’m planning on watching in inveterately after my exams. I’ll write one then.


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