House of Cards – Season 3 Episode 1: “Chapter 27”

Powerful The season premiere of House of Cards – Season 3 reminded us why we adore this show and why we’ve missed it so much. Probably one of the most powerful season premieres I have ever watched. With all it’s suave and magnanimity , this episode like every other episode manages to capture the malignant and dark aspect of American politics. But this episode was just little bit graver than the others, possibly just to increase the intensity of the story-line and also to set the tone for the entire season. But all in all, HOUSE OF CARDS IS BACK! LIFE HAS A PURPOSE AGAIN! 

The episode begins with the president’s motorcade making way to Frank Underwood’s (Played by Kevin Spacey *Goddammit I’ve missed him*) father’s grave in his hometown. Frank walks up to his father’s tombstone alone, talks to the grave for a couple of seconds, then turns towards the camera and does his iconic move, where he directly addresses the viewers. He says he was only doing this to seem humane and also use this as an impetus for the 2016 elections. He talks about how wretched his father was and how apathetic he was towards him, actually he was on the verge of feeling animosity towards his father and his failures in life. And to ‘honor’ him, he unconscionably, urinates on his tombstone. This happens in the first 7 minutes. Mind=Blown. 

The episode mainly focuses on Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly). Yes, he is alive. As you may remember, season 2 ended with Rachel Posner (Played by Rachel Brosnahan) assaulting Doug and leaving him in a forest to die. The first 15 – 20 minutes, basically focuses on Doug’s recovery and the events that took place during his recovery and rehabilitation. Doug seems to be having difficulty with his motor skills throughout the episode and this also causes him to fracture his forearm. Frank seems to be having a very difficult time handling the office of the President and Doug being the loyalist he is, offers to return to his job, but Frank turns his offer down and asks him to concentrate on his health. Doug doesn’t take that well, but he is a stoic and doesn’t pursue this any further. Throughout the episode, the viewers feel that Doug had become an outcast to the President’s office. This just shows, even loyalty towards Frank comes with a price. 

Frank is having a difficult time managing his office and is being disparaged by the media for that. He desperately looks to grab at strings to keep his sinking ship afloat. But even with all this, he is completely intrepid, completely dauntless in his endeavors. This episode had one scene that I just can’t get over: Frank is explaining to his team about his plan to reduce the rate of unemployment, and one of his members interjects him. Frank doesn’t like interjections.

“Sir, being the team leader, I speak on behalf of everyone present here. The plan you’re proposing is not possible. Now i have a version of your pl–And being the President, and being the person who created this team, I say I want my plan executed not a version of it.” 

For the record, the team leader is instantly fired after Frank leaves the room. Frank’s eloquence and cogency still manages to amaze me.  He is a truly a virtuoso in the art of diplomacy and administration. Claire Underwood (Played by Robin Wright *Starts drooling*) wants to be nominated as the US ambassador to the United Nations. She manages to convince the Republicans to not to oppose her openly but struggles to convince her husband to nominate her. She goes on to explain how she desperately needs this and how the experience will be necessary when she runs for president. Yes you, read that right. Claire will be running for president soon. The episode ends with Frank agreeing to her demands, this was after he ordered a missile strike on a band of terrorists. Yeah, you read that right too. HoC is getting so interesting.

Epithets for this episode can go on endlessly. Seeing Kevin Spacey back on the screen is so relieving. He is so gentle with his malediction and his rustic accent is just the cherry on the cake. The episode was as I earlier mentioned graver, but lacked the action we usually get, but it’s acceptable considering it’s the premiere and the spotlight was on a different character. The numerous mentions of the Russian delegation is what caught my attention. As see in the trailer, POTUS and his Russian counterpart take part in a summit pertaining to the Middle East. This show seems so realistic, it just blows every other show out of the water. What I’m waiting for is how Frank deals with Rachel. Rachel knows very sensitive ‘things’ about Frank, which makes her a loose end. Frank does not like loose ends.

My Rating for House of Cards-Season 3 Episode 1: 8.8/10


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