House of Cards – Season Review: Season 3

Yeah, so this is something new I’m doing, I’m reviewing an entire season of a show. I finished binge watching House of Cards last week, and even though I regretted doing that the second I finished watching the 13th episode, overall this season didn’t have the same awesome-ness like its previous seasons had. It lacked in various areas and aspects, that it had excelled in the previous two seasons, and if I were to put this season vis-a-vis the other seasons, only one word comes to mind, disappointing.

The season starts with Frank Underwood (Played by Kevin Spacey) as the President of the United States, but he is shown to be struggling with his new job and is hence shown vulnerable. In the previous two seasons, we witnessed Frank as a powerful, unmerciful, monomaniacal politician. In this season, we witness the same Frank in sporadic moments throughout the season, but most of the time, he was always on the back foot, he seemed vulnerable and was susceptible to external force. The writers tried to give us a new side of Frank because of his new role in American politics, which is understandable, but honestly, I didn’t like it. I had pictured Frank to be a villain. A homicidal, sociopathic, egocentric, monomaniacal, villain. He uses deception, demagoguery and even physical prowess sometimes to get what he wants, as he wants it. But in this season, he lacked all of this, which honestly was a big turn off.

This season also concentrated on all the other lead characters like Claire Underwood (Played by Robin Wright) and Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) which honestly also put me in an uncomfortable position. Doug’s recovery and rehabilitation was understood, his ways to get Frank’s attention was understood as well, but they pushed it too far with his collaboration with Heather Dubar (Played by Elizabeth Marvel), we should’ve gotten more Frank-Stamper time. Claire’s methods to be more than just First Lady made her seem desperate and the viewers were exposed to a side of Claire that I honestly didn’t want to see. Cracks in the uncrackable marriage of Frank and Claire is like a stab in the heart. Like c’mon, how could that even happen. The climax of the season is an intriguing cliffhanger that would leave you craving for a 14th episode, but it may lead to further complications in the plot, that the viewers may not like. I loved the Russian and United Nations angle though, intensified the storyline and gave it a realistic touch to the season.

House of Cards had been on my top 5 shows, it probably still is, I need to do some introspection for that, but its standing has definitely fallen in my eyes. It has lost it’s grasp on my mind. Season 4 has to beyond spectacular to make up for this disappointing season. But I will say this, if someone asks me if I would give up watching HoC because of this season, my response would be “Are you crazy? It’s House of Cards”

Also there are hardly any double taps. *heart breaks*

My rating for House of Cards-Season 3: 7.3/10


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  1. Great posts and great choice in regard with TV shows.( Yes, I judge people based on what they like to watch, I’m shallow that way. 😛 ) Looking forward to your next review. 🙂


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