Suits – Season Review: Season 4

Evergreen. Suits is an evergreen show. Period. You can fire up your laptop, pick any random episode of Suits from any of the 4 seasons and escape ennui. Season 4 was not the most memorable season, but it definitely had the best start. This season didn’t exactly have anything that memorable happen until the last two episodes, but yes there were some significant developments in the Suits universe. All in all, Suits will never disappoint you.

The season had Mike Ross (Played by Patrick J. Adams) start at a new job as an investment banker, he drops Harvey Specter (Played by Gabriel Macht) as his patron and decides to match shoulders with him in the cunning and unforgiving corporate world. Mike with his benevolent and beneficent nature decides to help a dying business in his own way, his boss is not okay with that and it obviously had dire consequences, which saw Mike getting fired and coming back to Specter-Pearson.

In the mess that Mike had created, Louis Litt (Played by Rick Hoffman) was also dragged into it which caused him to take some really harsh and illegal steps. Jessica Pearson (Played by Gina Torres), the Managing-Partner of the firm, finds out and ends up firing him. Mike couldn’t help feeling guilty and looks to help Louis get a job. He approaches  Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) for the job and Robert agrees to giving it a thought. Louis’ life was crumbling around him, his girlfriend Sheila (Played by Rachael Hariss) had left him, he was fired from Pearson-Specter, did not have any job recommendations or offers. Mike decides to pay him a visit and he asks about a key that was present on his desk. Louis didn’t realise at first but, he did realise that Mike was asking about something he was supposed to have because he passed out with the same honours as Louis from Harvard Law School, the Order of the Coif key. Louis started investigating and realised this is was a huge scandal. He confronts Jessica about it and the season takes a mid-season break with Louis asking for “Pearson-Specter-Litt”.

The season up till the second last episode before the mid-season break was starting to get boring, monotonous and un-memorable, but the thing with Suits is that it will spring up the most outrageous yet plausible plot developments out of nowhere. The season took a break on an enormous high, and a deep cliffhanger, leaving viewers literally crying for the next episode.

When Suits finally resumed in January, it was like water to a thirsty throat. As I said in my previous article on the episode “Enough is Enough”, we get to see a new side of Louis, which may not bode well with most viewers. He had become more aggressive, more vociferous, more malevolent and had turned into a consummate martinet. But with the brilliance of Jessica, Harvey and Mike, they manage to curtail the threat of Louis turning into a whistleblower. They manage to get him to sign a contract stating he was aware of Mike’s lack of a law degree even after working at the firm and he had not reported it to the Bar. This was a very smart was to end the Louis-Whistleblower saga and it managed to give a new dimension to the show. The season then went onto focus on the broken relationship between Louis and Mike. How Louis mistreated to Mike and Mike didn’t budge and intrepidly faced whatever Louis dished out to him. Then Harvey with his experience, manages to fix the relationship between Louis and Mike and that is why that episode became my favourite episode of the season. We take a ride down memory lane again about the relationship between Harvey and Louis and the writers have done a brilliant job of presenting it vis-a-vis the Louis-Mike relationship, to show parity of the two cases.

After the Louis-Mike saga, the season is nearing its finale and the focus shifts towards Harvey’s secretary, Donna (Played by Sarah Rafferty), Donna is stuck in a case with charges of using a fake federal identity to collect evidence which is a federal crime. Harvey is a vociferous avuncular when it comes to Donna. He goes out all guns blazing to protect her, he reaches a point where he was ready to beat a man up to ensure her protection. Donna, who we’ve seen to generally stoic is going through a very emotional period and Harvey bluntly and ingenuously tells her he cannot be emotionally available for her, if he is going to ensure that they’ll win the case. Once the case is won, we see Harvey at Donna’s house, which is an extremely rare thing. Donna for the first time breaks her rule with Harvey and asks him ‘stay’. Harvey being the honourable, punctilious man he is, sticks with the tradition and rules they’ve set for themselves but does tell her that he loves her before he leaves.

In the finale episode, Donna is deeply affected by what Harvey had told her, but Harvey never seemed to follow-up on what he said. Donna is seemed to be falling for Harvey. Louis’ unseen Secretary passes away without ever showing her face on the show. Louis is left in a very vulnerable place and again asks Donna to become his secretary, she hesitantly turns down his offer. After a lot of emotional turmoil which starts to get heavy for the viewers and boring as well, Suits again ends on a shocking note, where DONNA LEAVES HARVEY (Spoiler?).

Again, I say Suits has one of the best cast in 21st century television, amazing dialogues, Suits will never disappoint. The Badass-ery of Harvey is inspirational. And the suits in Suits are well, honestly they are 1/10th reason why I watch Suits. But I have to say, Suits has started to get a little monotonous, the episodes aren’t as memorable. and honestly its getting too emotional for my taste. If Suits continues on this same path, it will lose it’s place in my top 5. The writers need to take advice from their own creation; they should think on this basis: What would Harvey do? 

My rating for Suits – Season 4: 7.4/10


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  1. Honey Bhutoria says:

    Suits season 4 – one of best reviews I have read.


    1. Ryan Mitra says:

      Thank you, means a lot 🙂


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