The Flash – Season 1 Episode 15: “Out of Time”

BEST. EPISODE. EVER. Period. Out of Time is a consummate masterpiece of a tv show episode. Why? Because it managed to keep me on the edge of my bed through out, the story was simply so intense that it held its tight grip on the viewers mind until the last second. Everything that happened was simply so amazing that I literally have no epithets to describe the episode. The Flash returned from its mid-season break, and boy did he run back into our hearts.

In this episode, like the pilot episode also, we see a weather wizard as the meta-human that Barry Allen AKA The Flash (Played by Grant Gustin). Clyde Mardon was a part-time crook who because of the explosion in Star Labs gained the power to control the weather and in the pilot episode we see Joe West (Played Jesse L. Martin) kill Clyde with the help of the Flash. In this episode we see Clyde’s brother, Mark Mardon (Played by Liam McIntyre) who has the same powers as is his brother but is far more dexterous in controlling those powers. His heart his full of animosity towards Joe, Mark sets out to avenge his brother. When a murder takes place at the local morgue, The Flash is making is way to the crime scene, when he sees another Flash run past him and then suddenly disappear. No it wasn’t the Man in the Yellow Suit, it was The Flash. At this point, I assumed it was an easter egg about another Flash that is present in the DC comic universe, Wally West. I read an article about how they might introduce Wally next season and I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Iris West (Played by Candice Patton) is asked by her journalist mentor to investigate about Dr, Harrison Wells (Played by Tom Cavanagh) and she goes to her best friend, Barry to figure out a few more details about him. Iris tells him about how strange and mysterious Dr Wells’ activities were and inquires if he could help her clear out a few things about him. After a while when Barry is at Star Labs, involving himself in badinage with Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco Ramon (Played by Carlos Valdes), he mentions how Dr. Wells’ activities had not been conspicuous. Cisco is intrigued and starts to retrospect to the time when Joe had said that Dr. Wells was involved in Barry’s mother’s death and when there were anomalies in the machine which he had created to trap the Reverse-Flash, when all the data showed everything was normal. After inspecting, the machine, Cisco discovers the most peculiar and spine chilling aspect of the episode, the man in the yellow suit, that was trapped in the machine in episode 10, was a hologram. Meanwhile Caitlin is buying Cisco time to conduct his investigation by keeping Dr. Wells occupied at Jitters (Cafe where Iris used to work). Caitlin’s malaise expression gives away the fact that she was being dissemble about why they were actually at Jitters. And when she gets up to go to the counter, to get the take away coffee and turns, the paralysed Dr. Wells was nowhere to be seen, but his wheel chair was right where it had been. Dr. Wells goes to Star Labs and reveals to Cisco his true identity, Eobard Thawne. Here the show has become completely coherent with the comics because when Harrison Wells was shown as the Reverse-Flash earlier, it created an uproar amongst the fans, because there is no ‘Harrison Wells’ in the DC Comic Universe, but with Thawne confirming that Harrison Wells, was a disingenuous way to get what he wanted, not only does it manages to calm a lot of incredulous fanboys but also epitomizes the character in less than 2 minutes. ALSO HARRISON WELLS KILLS CISCO, (OMG). 

Meanwhile, Mark kidnaps Joe and takes him to Central City port and calls up Iris to come to the place, if she wanted her dad to be alive. Iris tells Barry about this and they both rush to the port. Once Mark sees Iris and Barry make their way down to the beach, he with his weather controlling powers, CREATES A TSUNAMI AND SENDS IT RUSHING TOWARDS CENTRAL CITY. Barry has no other choice but to reveal to Iris that he is the Scarlet Speedster, but before that Iris RECIPROCATES THE LOVE BARRY HAS FOR HER.  When Barry contacts Caitlin, asking her how to stop the Tsunami, she tells him that he has to run up and down the beach at a speed he still hadn’t achieved to create a vortex barrier that would absorb the energy of the Tsunami. Barry does just that and he goes so fast that he opens up a time travelling portal and sees himself run past him the previous night. Confused? Okay let’s say the Flash that ran towards the morgue the previous night is ‘A’ and the Flash that is running on the beach is ‘B’. As aforementioned, ‘A’ was running towards the morgue when he sees another Flash run past him. When ‘B’ opens up the time travelling portal. we see the Flash that ran past ‘A’ is actually ‘B’. The last 30 seconds leave the viewer completely intrigued and crying for more.

This specific episode is why I love American television, such visionary writing and turning comic literature into a live action show of this quality used to be a dream 10 years ago. By the amount of bold, upper-case sentences I have written, I guess you can infer how excited I was during and after the episode. I simply cannot wait another week for another episode the Flash. And Arrow is coming back tomorrow. Can life be any better?

ALSO THEY MAKE A WALKING DEAD REFERENCE! I am so happy right now. Also I’d like to take this opportunity to all you readers out there for the overwhelming response. You guys have been awesome.

My rating for The Flash – Season 1 Episode 15: 9.7/10


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  1. I loved the episodes except for the last minute because I think they’re going to reset everything that happened in the episode. I’m glad Cisco won’t be dead but I hate that the Iris stuff will be reset as well as the Wells stuff. We’ll see, it was an exciting episode.


    1. I honestly believe the Wells being confirmed as Thawne for the viewers is a very good thing because we know that they are being coherent with the comics but also Barry finding out that he is the reverse flash would be premature right nnow


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