NH10 (2015)

Bad choices. That’s what the movie is all about. The story of NH10 moves ahead just because of the bad choices the protagonists make throughout the movie. But NH10 was nothing like what I expected it to be, it was much better. The movie manages to get a grip on the minds of viewers and the viewers are engrossed in the movie until the credits appear, only wondering what was going to happen next. The script is pretty unpredictable, something which is becoming increasingly rare in modern-day Bollywood.

The movie is about a couple, Meera (Played by Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Played by Neil Bhoopalam) and their misfortunes. The movie begins with Meera and Arjun attending a party and Meera is called to her office due to some problems with a new product launch. Arjun was going to leave with Meera, when one of his friends convinced them to let Arjun stay and Meera left by herself. On her way to her office, she is stalked by a group of men and when she tries to overtake them, they abruptly stop their vehicle and another vehicle from behind barricades the road. Men come out of the car and break the window of the car, but Meera manages to escape without suffering any major injuries. When they lodge a complaint, the police inspector suggests that they apply for an arms license and get hold of a gun for self-defence. The script up till here manages to set the tone of the movie really well and the viewer is clearly intrigued about what is going to happen next.

This incident has a traumatic effect on Meera and Arjun feels they need to go on a mini-vacation to let out all the stress. They set out on the vacation, but before they do, they show that Meera has a pistol in her bag. So from here the movie takes a small dip. Meera and Arjun land up at a dhaba (A rustic restaurant) and they come across another young couple, who are being assaulted and are being pushed into a car by a group of men. Arjun tries to be a good samaritan and tries to help that couple, but is instead slapped by the leader of the group, Satbir (Played by Darshan Kumaar). They drive off with the couple and Arjun and Meera resume their journey. Arjun is furious and full of animosity when he catches the group’s car driving off into the forest, he follows them even though Meera kept asking him to just turn back and head towards their destination. The entire incident happens because of the poor choices of Arjun. Arjun tries to threaten them and teach them a lesson, but that backfires and Meera and Arjun are taken as captives. They escape at the cost of one of the men getting killed. From here the intensity of the movie only rises, it gets so nerve-wracking and so unpredictable, that you just cannot not sit on the edge of your seat. From an intense forest chase scene, to Meera’s transformation from an urbane girl to stoical homicidal psychopath, the movie does complete justice to the genre.

The movie also looks to expose the rustic and savage strata that exists in the Indian society. Satbir commits sororicide and justifies it by calling it honor killing and that his sister deserved it. Apart from giving us a thriller, the movie sheds light on one of the stark issues that persists in the rustic and rural regions of the country. Such misogynistic ideals epitomizes the decadent society of certain people who exist on the face of the planet. Navdeep Singh, the director of the movie has done an exceptional job in capturing the true aspect of such rituals and hence the movie seems natural. There is amazing cinematography and the script too was quite impressive. Anushka Sharma is simply brilliant. She has enacted her role so well, that her trepidation can be felt vicariously throughout the movie. Darshan Kumaar has impressed me with his role. Last time I saw him, was in the movie Mary Kom, where he was a self-abnegated husband, but his role in this movie was a paradigm shift from his previous and he has done complete justice to this unconscionable, sororicidal, savage character. But the only reason why the story happened was because of something that is actually not plausible; Arjun stalking them because he got slapped and wanted to teach them a lesson, this I didn’t like. But yes, if you can handle a thriller, you must watch this movie.

Also all these unfortunate events happen on Meera’s birthday. Happy birthday, Meera!

My rating for NH10: 7.5/10


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