Nightcrawler (2014)

You know, how some movies seem very ordinary at the first look, but when you start watching the movie, you’re simply amazed and you end up watching it twice? That happened with me when I watched Nightcrawler last night, twice. Nightcrawler had been on my ‘to-watch’ list for sometime but somehow it just didn’t seem as appealing as the other Oscar nominated movies. But as soon as the movie started, I was hooked. For all you out there, reading this, you must watch Nightcrawler. If you’ve watched it, watch it again.

The movie has the most conspicuous start. Lou Bloom (Played by Jake Gyllenhaal) is cutting some barbed wires when he is caught by a local independent officer and he cunningly assaults him and continues with his work. In this very short scene, the character sketch of Lou is established. A good looking, simple faced man, with a vulpine mind. Of course. as the movie progresses many other epithets are added to Lou. By the end of the movie, Lou is established as a stoical, unconscionable, egoistic sociopath. Throughout the movie, Lou’s eccentricity is shown whenever he interacts with another person. His ingenuous nature is something that is very appealing in particular. In the start of the movie, Lou is shown in an impecunious state and also unemployed. He’d been stealing public property and been selling them for scraps. One night, when he was returning back to his house, he sees an independent film crew, who recorded crime and accidents in Los Angeles and sold it to the highest bidding news channel. Lou is also a perspicacious guy and he learns stuff really quickly. After recording a really carnal and graphic scene of an accident he sells it to a news channel run by Nina (Played by Rene Russo), a veteran news reporter. She is extremely impressed by Lou’s talent and promises to endorse him, if he continued to deliver such video clips. Lou after this has trouble keeping up with his proficient and experienced competitors, so he hires Rick (Played by Riz Ahmed), who is also an unemployed youngster. Together they start to record numerous amounts post-crime and post-accident scenes. And they become so good at it that they earn enough money to upgrade from a shabby car to a Challenger SRT8 392. His video clips had become very popular and were being shown on prime hours.

One of his competitors offered to collaborate with him, but he blatantly rejects the offer. When the competitor meets an accident, he instead of commiserating with him, shoots his bloody face unconscionably as his body is taken into an ambulance. The highlight of the movie is basically the last 45 minutes. Lou manages to shoot a homicide taking place in one of the affluent neighbourhoods of LA and that crime spreads like wildfire throughout the media fraternity. Lou had managed to capture the faces of the perpetrators, but disingenuously gives the police and Nina an edited tape, just showing the victims. When Rick finds out about this, he threatens to go and tell the police if he didn’t get a raise. Lou complies.

The movie ends with a high speed car chase when Lou tracks down the perpetrators and calls the police. His motive was not to get the perpetrators captured, but get a proper clip of the police chase. Rick dies, I will not say how because I don’t want to spoil the climax for you, but I will say that, that scene epitomizes Lou’s sociopathic nature. The movies is a consummate masterpiece that sheds light on the crime in LA and also shows how hardened news reporters tend to become or already are. The direction, the screenplay, the entire of the movie, is so unique. Cinematography is simply mind blowing and with amazing background music, the viewers can easily interpret the intensity of every scene.Jake Gyllenhaal has done a mind-blowing job in adapting to a role, I would’ve never imagined him playing. He is an extortionist. He is a stoic. He is a sociopath. He is a Nightcrawler. It is very hard to believe that the same man, five years ago portrayed the role of the avuncular Prince of Persia. So again, I repeat myself, if you haven’t watched this movie, drop everything and watch it.

My rating for Nightcrawler: 9/10


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