Batman vs. Robin (2015)

After so long, finally got to see a decent animated Batman film. I had watched Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, but there was hardly any Batman in the movie and I was very disappointed with that. When they announced that they were making this movie, I couldn’t be more excited. I will say that, I will be avoiding most of the details of the movie in this review, because the movie was only released yesterday and many of you out there are still left to watch it.

The movie has an amazing start. Damian Wayne AKA Robin (Voiced by Stuart Allan) is chasing the Doll Maker (Voiced by “Weird Al” Yankovic *Yeah you read the right*) and he has stolen Batman’s AKA Bruce Wayne’s (Voiced by Jason ‘O Mara) Batmobile and the coolest conversation takes place. With bucket loads of sarcasm and Batman style puns, the viewer is hooked right from the start. If you’re a DC guy and an inveterate Batfan, this is basically ‘an ice-cream sundae, with loads of sprinkles and cherries on a Sunday in your bed on Christmas in July’ (Personal experience).

Bruce: “I have half a mind to report you for grand theft-auto.”

Damian: “I’d like to hear that call. Hello, Police. My son stole the batmobile.” 

LOL. For all you out there who don’t know who Damian is, he is Bruce Wayne’s and Talia Al Ghul’s son. He had been trained by Ra’s Al Ghul until Talia left him with Bruce after Ra’s’ death. Damian had been brought up as an assassin. Bruce was not okay with that, and he taught him “Justice not vengeance.” Damian has a tough time coping with that and the Court of Owls notices that. Talon (Voiced by Jeremy Sisto), the warrior, the assassin, the hitman of the court is sent to manipulate Robin and to turn him against Batman. Talon disingenuously tries to convince Robin to be his protege and Robin agrees. Meanwhile, the Court of Owls approach Bruce Wayne and offer him a seat in the court, not knowing that he ‘is The Batman.’ Again, for all you out there who don’t what the Court of Owls is, it’s basically a group of the bon vivants of Gotham, who control every action in the city and are always in the shadows.

The movie is pretty good, it maintains it’s tempo throughout, though there are hardly any scenes where the audience can be in complete awe of the Dark Knight. Loads of power dialogues pertaining to how Damian was the son of Bruce and Bruce was the father of Damian. The Captitulum, in my honest opinion is not justified, because there is only a short fighting sequence between The Batman and Robin. But animation direction, voice direction and story line are excellent. We get to see various team ups that would make fanboys shed tears of joy across the world, like Batman-Nightwing, Batman-Alfred, Nightwing-Damian. My favourite scene of the climax fighting sequence was when Batman comes out of one of the chambers in the batcave in a mechanised batsuit and just beats every single owl henchmen. 

Now I’m only going to say this once, you sons of bitches. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY CAVE!!”

The movie ends with Damian making the same climb Bruce had made after his parents’ death, to the monastery to learn self-control and become a consummate warrior. The movie probably didn’t live up to all my expectations, I did crave for more action before the fight sequence, the build up of the story was little to long, hence making it a little tedious to watch. BUT BUT BUT…KEVIN CONROY VOICES THOMAS WAYNE! DO YOU GET IT? THE GUY WHO IS CONSIDERED THE VOICE OF THE BATMAN, VOICES HIS FATHER. THIS IS LITERALLY SAYING KEVIN CONROY IS JASON ‘O MARA’S FATHER IN ALL THIS. (*Laughs*, no offence Jason ‘O Mara)

My rating for Batman vs. Robin: 8.3/10


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  1. truthfulnerd says:

    I will be downloading this film off iTunes tomorrow. I had no idea the Court of Owls were featured in this film. Big fan of that story from the comics.

    Also excellent review.

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    1. Ryan Mitra says:

      It’s well executed and it was kept really simple so there was a smooth flow

      Liked by 1 person

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