Game of Thrones – Season 5 Episode 1: “The Wars to Come”

Excitement. Unparalleled excitement. Game of Thrones is finally back and I simply cannot contain myself. I binge watched all 4 seasons of Game of Thrones last year and I regretted it as soon as I finished the last episode. After almost an entire year, Game of Thrones is back and can I just say how happy this has made me.

The episode as well as the season begins with something really interesting, a flashback. A flashback in the life of one of the rather mysterious characters, Cersei (Played by Lena Headey). The young Cersei, lands up in a witch’s hut and asks her about her future, the witch tells her, her about the dark future that lies in front of her. Then the scene shifts to Tywin Lannister’s funeral, who was killed by his imp son, Tyrion Lannister (Played by Tywin Lannister). Lord Varys (Played Conleth Hill) helps Tyrion escape from Kingslanding on the orders of the king’s guard also Tyrion’s brother, Jamie Lannister (Played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Cersei condemns Jamie’s actions in helping Tyrion escape after committing patricide. Tyrion is shown in a well somewhat similar manner, his bibulous nature, with his sarcastic tone and the suave accent. But we get to see something in Tyrion that we have never seen, he seems to lost all hope in himself and in Westeros as well. Lord Varys tries convince him to take part in his grand scheme of bringing a new ruler to the Iron Throne, a ruler that would be accepted by the masses. And as seen in the trailers, the ruler they are looking for is a her, which only points the viewers’ minds in one direction, Daenerys Targaryen (Played by Emilia Clarke). 

Daenerys Targaryen faces the first wave of troubles as the queen of Meeren. A group has started to resist the mother of dragons and started to kill her unsullied soldiers. She asks for an immediate investigation. Honestly, Daenerys is my favourite character, but somehow her character is starting to become stagnant. Until season 3, there were always strong developments in her role in the show, but ever since season 4, somehow all her problems are to do with Meeren, Slavery and other local problems. The only appealing thing about Daenerys in this episode was how she tried to reconcile with her caged dragon children, who well, were as implacable as their elder most sibling, Drogon, who is flying around freely and could be half way across the world. The incident where Drogon roasted a child in season 4 has but a deep fear in the heart of Daenerys that his siblings might follow in his footsteps. I honestly wish that somehow Daenerys’ character would start moving a little faster and there will be a little more action other than city politics. All this being said, I simply can’t wait when Tyrion meets Daenerys. *crossbows shot* (I hope you get this reference)

Stannis Baratheon (Played by Stephen Dillane) is still looking to take back the Iron Thrones, which he believes belongs to him. He wishes to enlist the free folk into his army and in return he would award them citizenship of the realm. He wishes to take back Winterfell. He asks Jon Snow (Played by Kit Harrington) to persuade the Free Folk leader and also a prisoner of Stannis, Mance Rayder (Played by Ciarán Hinds) into enlisting his army into Stannis’ and if he didn’t, he’d burn Mance alive. Mance refuses to give in and the episode ends with everyone at the wall watching Mance being tortured with the hot flames that ate away his flesh and when Jon Snow couldn’t take this egregious execution, he shoots an arrow into his heart, to put him out his misery. 

Even though, I was very excited to watch the premier episode of season 5 and simply cannot wait to finish the rest of the season, somehow this episode was very underwhelming. It just didn’t strike the cord, Game of Thrones usually does. There was hardly any action, hardly any gruesome deaths, hardly any plot-twisters. But I think this is acceptable, because this episode sets the momentum for the rest of season. I really hope that the writers have managed to engage all the five families again together like they did in season 3. I am very keen to see what they do with Arya Stark (Played by Maisei Williams), because I believe she has the potential in making this season the best so far. Also, White Walkers. We need more White Walkers scenes this season. I simply cannot get enough of these snow zombies. But if the season is only going to get better after this episode then brace yourself, awesomeness is coming. 

My rating for Game of Thrones – Season 5 Episode 1: 7.0/10


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