The Walking Dead – Season Review: Season 5

Walking Dead has made a powerful comeback with a slow and somewhat boring season 4. Right from the first episode, season 5 manages to grip the viewers in a labyrinth of mystery and suspense and nerve-wrecking zombie attacks, that leave you either completely grossed out or in complete awe. For me it was the latter.

Season 5 shows us the hardened side of the Rick and his group. Rick Grimes (Played by Andrew Lincoln) has turned into an unconscionable killing machine and doesn’t hesitate in killing the dead nor the living. With an unkempt beard, haggard hair, a sweat-stained t-shirt, his sheriff’s pistol and his heart-melting southern Texas accent, the writers gives a new side to Rick, which I honestly adore. He as an avuncular, as he ever was, but his concern and the safety of his group has caused him to turn into somewhat an incredulous sociopath. Season 4 ended with all the members of the group scattered but heading for Terminus, an apparent survivors’ area. The writers have done a brilliant job in highlighting the journey of each character and showing their struggle to reach their destination. Honestly, I like the way the writers of Walking Dead kill protagonists than that of Game of Thrones. 

Carol (Played by Melissa McBride) also has done a 180 degree shift in character. From the helpless birdie in season 1 to the independent, ingenious badass in season 5. Her unconscionable nature in this season has helped her take decisions that were necessary that a normal human wouldn’t have taken them. Carol even ends up killing a 12-year old girl and honestly, I believe she had it coming. Daryl (Played by Norman Reedus) has become a cultural icon and also is my personal favourite. His rustic methods, his raw and uncultured behaviour, yet that caring mindset and those tiny, eagle like eyes are so appealing. When you look at Daryl in season 5, you can see he is literally born for this apocalypse. But like all the other characters, we get to see an emotional side to Daryl, which shockingly I liked because I usually am not a fan of sentimentality.

The season manages to take the group to two survival camps. One mentioned before, Terminus and the second, Alexandria. The season ends in Alexandria with Rick meeting up with his saviour in season 1, Morgan (Played by Lennie James). For all you who do not know who Morgan is, he is the first survivor Rick encountered in season 1 and is also one of my favourite characters because he’s only turned up 4 times in all the episodes so far since season 1, so there is an aura of mystery around him which is very appealing.

When the group reaches Terminus, they see the survivors over there had turned into cannibals and ate anyone who didn’t join them in eating their fellow survivors. The consequences that follow when Terminus crosses paths with Rick Grimes are dire. Protagonists die like flies throughout the season, which shows the fearless writing these writers are capable of. When the group reaches Alexandria, the change in lifestyle is very difficult for them to get used to which raises high amount concern and hostilities in the camp. The writers have managed to show human nature in times of crises and it is so realistic that the viewers simply cannot resist watching the next episode. The trepidation and the thrill is vicariously felt throughout the season. The acting as usual is on point. The make-up, costumes, the effects and the background score is simply amazing. I love how the writers have managed to keep the cause of the apocalypse a mystery for 5 seasons, this is something that many zombie movies and zombie shows fail to do and that is a big check in my books. Also can I point out that Walking Dead makes me want to be a survivor in a zombie apocalypse. The actors have teased that the next season is going to be utter chaos which only makes me think, if they are saying ‘utter chaos’ is yet to come and season 5 was just sneak peek, what else could possibly happen?

My rating for Walking Dead – Season 5: 8.4/10


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