Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Trailer #1

Before I start off, I know I’m breaking protocol here and writing about a trailer, but well, if you’re reading the capitulum, then you know why I am doing it.


I wake up on Thursday morning and one of my friends messages me that the BvS trailer had leaked and trust me I have never been angrier at my slow internet. The first time I watched the trailer in cam quality, I couldn’t figure out many of the easter eggs in the trailer. But when I saw it in HD after, the director of the movie Zack Snyder, released it, I couldn’t control myself. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have tears in my eyes.

Contrary to the expectations of almost every person out there, the trailer was much darker and that is why it is so awesome. The trailer starts off with dialogues from multiple people including Lex Luthor (Played by Jesse Eisenberg) and Neil deGrasse Tyson. They seem to be debating about Superman, his powers and his responsibilities. This is why the trailer straight away intrigues me. The concept of realism is leaking right from the first second and realism is what helps the viewer to connect to the movie hence making it more believable. The typical philosophical Luthor dialogues actually makes the viewers think about Superman from a different point of view.

“We know better now, don’t we? Devils don’t come from Hell beneath us; no, they come from the sky”

This part shows how people are starting to realize Superman might actually be a threat to all of humanity. People had started to consider him a god, and then another group of people started calling him a ‘False God’. People are heard protesting against Superman and asking him to ‘Go Home’ (Only if they knew. Noobs.). This part is a huge hit in my books because it gives us something we usually have not seen. When we think of Superman, we picture a shinning beacon of prosperity and hope, a guardian and representative of the people. But in this trailer there is nothing like it. We see soldiers kneeling down to Superman, which has sparked a debate about the relevance of the scene. It could be where Superman takes control of A.R.G.U.S. like he does in the Injustice series or maybe a cult of Superman supporters has come into being that consider the Man of Steel as a god. The latter theory is more plausible, because on the arms of the soldiers, Superman’s logo is imprinted. There is a scene where a man is looking up to the sky with his arms stretched, with Superman hovering in mid-air above him. This is a very powerful scene because it actually shows how Superman is portrayed as a god, but also how helpless humans are against his wrath. Also the man, has a long beard and seems to wearing robes, talk about raising the significance. Superman is shown as a messiah, and that obviously leads to controversy There is also classic scene where Superman stops a missile from the sky. We all know how Superman loves saving things that are falling from the sky. Planes. Rockets. Missiles. Hal Jordan (without his ring). But the interesting thing is that there is a Russian flag on the missile, which only hints there is also a Russian angle to this, which could be wink and nod to Superman VI: Quest for Peace. 

The background music, simply increases the tension and cinematography is mind-blowing. Now, Alfred Pennyworth (Played by Jeremy Irons) is heard talking, when Bruce Wayne (Played by Ben Affleck) looks at his bat-suit. With possibly a Robin costume in the background. This scene is also very significant, because it hints that Bruce Wayne had not donned the cowl for a long time, hence showing he is far more experienced than Superman.

“That’s how it starts: the fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness. That turns good men cruel,” says Alfred Pennyworth.

The above dialogue I believe, is about Superman. Alfred as we all know is Bruce’s mentor and also one of the most learned men in the DC universe. He feels if Superman isn’t stopped from heading on the path he is on, he will turn into a force that cannot be controlled. With all the power he has, he is powerless. And this powerlessness causes people to turn towards evil. With action scenes with both the kickass Batmobile and a jet, that looks like the Bat. The first time we see Bruce in the batsuit is when he is revealing himself from a pile of ruins and I COULD NOT CONTAIN MYSELF. Then the scene shifts to Batman on top of a tower. Here also, smart photography has led to a debate amongst the viewers. Prima Facie it looks like Batman is holding onto the antenna of the tower, but on a closer look it looks like a rifle which is coherent with the comics i.e. Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Then Batman is seen to be looking for something in a ruined place. There are two possibilities to what that place is and why it was shown in the trailer. Either it is the station where Superman snapped Zod’s neck and that place has been quarantined or is an easter egg for possibly a Riddler cameo. The graffiti on the walls support the latter, but the architecture supports the former. The trailer ends with Batman confronting Superman, which also by the way broke the internet. With a mechanized suit which is also seen in the comics, Batman is staring up at Superman on a rainy night. People said that the upper half of the mask of the suit looks like Iron Man’s (are you serious). If this were true, then well too bad, Batman wears the Iron Man mask better than Iron Man. The trailer ended with the dialogue that single-handedly blasted a huge hole in the pockets and egos of Marvel and their fans.

Tell me. Do you Bleed? You will.”

I simply cannot wait for this movie. Also Ben Affleck is so Batman-y that he even has a bat-chin. Yeah go google his face and look at it. He is Bruce Wayne reincarnate. Period. Now I’m too excited. I need to watch this movie. Like right now. Someone call Zack Snyder, please? Also Suicide Squad is also coming soon and is set in the same universe and will see a Batman cameo, probably confronting the Joker. Yeah, I think I just heard a few Marvel fanboys turn into DC fanboys. With a single trailer, Warner Bros. and DC has managed to captivate the entire cinema scene. Yeah, I know. “Marvel-who?’

Also here is a photo of me cosplaying the Joker beacuse, you know I’m excited.

11088442_10206299856518235_464536956665175765_o (1)


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  1. jesse2007 says:

    How many years can I count hearing so many failed Batman V Superman projects. And now to see it here, it’s fucking amazing. That’s for commenting on my post, bro. I think a lot of people are mad with DC for breaking the Marvel rule book. DC did they’re heroes different, didn’t do the whole movie after movie build up. They figured how to make this film work. AND can I get an amen for Chris Terrio the man that saved this script and gave life to the characters and world around it. MOS has a lot of holes, but Chris Terrio did it justice.

    I’m also hoping for Injustice, that would be amazing!!! I shall wait even though I can not!


    1. I have a feeling that BvS will include takes from the Injustice series as well, because the nature of how people are talking about Superman is consistent with the series
      Apart from that MoS did have loop holes but people didn’t condemn it because of that, and that’s what pissed me off


      1. jesse2007 says:

        Yeah, The biggest gripe of MOS was omg superman snapped Zod’s neck, he’s not the American I remember. Which to me was kind of dumb. They took the character to somewhere new and it worked. TO me the biggest thing, was the jumps, and quick fixes to somethings that left more questions than answers, ALSO IHOP and SEARS did not like that. But this time around this looks amazing.

        Injustice mixed with The Dark Knight Returns is beautiful. The screening tonight will have a different trailer than what we saw. I’m hoping to hear what is shown.

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