Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Here’s the link to the trailer of the movie in-case you haven’t watched the movie/trailer yet:

Spectacular. A visual spectacle. Mad Max tests the boundaries of human imagination. Rarely do we see such violence and dryness end up being so beautiful. George Miller, the director of the movie has given us a treat to us that will last down the ages as one of the best action films and will soon epitomize the term ‘classic.’

If Death Race meets Fast and Furious and Die Hard and multiply this by the biggest number you can think of, it will end up being Mad Max. I know, sounds awesome. The movie straight away gets you on hook. It paces through the initial production credits, which for me was a first. We see Max (Played by Tom Hardy) standing near a cliff and thinking about a few people who we later find out is his family and how they were haunting him. He talks about the past and how the Earth had become sour. How man had turned on each other. And then within the first five minutes, a high speed car chase takes place. And this isn’t your traditional car chase. People actually throw stuff at you and you get affected by them throwing stuff at you. Max is taken captive and is taken to the citadel, where he is turned into a ‘universal donor’. Meanwhile, the movie introduces the main antagonist, Immortal Joe (Played by Hugh Keays-ByrneFun fact, Hugh Keays-Byrne is actually the original Mad Max and stared in the same in 1979 and he has now returned to the franchise as a new character opposing Max. Passing on the baton are we? The movie shows us the scenes of a post-apocalyptic Earth and it’s like something we have never imagined before. Whenever we think of post-apocalyptic Earth, we think of unkempt forests and loads of waterfalls and stuff. But here, the Earth barely has water. All you can see is Sand up till the horizon. And man is fighting over oil. So basically, George Miller has taken the evils of every stage mankind and put them together and produced a masterpiece. Immortal Joe, is shown as the ruler of the citadel and is the only one with access to little water they pump from deep within-in the Earth. Immortal Joe has developed these ‘half-lives’ who are humans who have been tortured to the extent of them turning into obsequious zombies. Max is appointed as a blood bag to one of the half lives, Nux (Played by Nicholas Hoult). Meanwhile, Immortal Joe sends his loyal commander, Imperator Furiosa (Played by Charlize Theron) to replenish their oil and bullet stock, but she takes a detour and it is later revealed, she was escaping with the wives of Immortal Joe, who had been living a life of slavery.

The entire movie is basically a high speed car chase. And that is my favourite part of the movie. No unnecessary drama, no plot-runners. Just adrenaline pumping, furious action through out. The movie keeps increasing the tension in the minds of the viewers and one can feel their nerves tingling when they see the army of cars right behind the ‘war rig’ in which Furiosa has run away with the wives. Max manages to transform himself from a blood bag to being the protagonist of the movie with amazing hand to hand fighting skills and adroitness with a gun. Nux’s delusion about Immortal Joe breaks when Immortal Joe calls him ‘mediocre’ when he fails to execute his assigned his task and joins Furiosa and Max in saving the wives. They are heading for a place called the ‘Green Place’ but later discover it had been destroyed because the Earth had stopped being fertile and the water had become poisonous. Viewers feel the despair and hopelessness vicariously and are always on the edge of their seats wondering what was going to happen next. They decide they are going to go back to the citadel and take it back for themselves. With a mind-blowing final fight sequence, Mad Max has entered into my top 5 action movies of all time. I will not go into the details of this sequence because you need to experience this first hand, not everyday do you see such a consummate movie. If you haven’t watched it, book a ticket, now. If you have, you know what I’m talking about.

Tom Hardy even though plays a character that is laconic has done an outstanding job, because there is a fine line between impersonating a laconic successfully and unsuccessfully playing a taciturn. Charlize Theron is in a whole new avatar and to be brutally honest, I was turned on by this avatar. The blonde hair sex bomb, has transformed herself into a bald headed, oil smeared, truck driving, rifle shooting badass and it’s beautiful. The entire movie is well put, it doesn’t get laggy for a single second, non-stop action with enough to keep you on the edge of your seat through out. The cinematography and animation is simply out of this world. It takes a special mind to think of all this, the story, the characters, the background sketch. The background music simply adds the finishing touches to these action sequences and they are perfectly in sync with emotion the scene wants to trigger. This movie is an example of fearless story writing and direction, whatever the writers could imagine, George Miller was able to successfully execute. Can you ever imagine a war party with a car that is solely for drums and a zombie with an electric guitar, that also spews fire? Yeah well this movie has that too. Such movies are hard to come by because of the limitations the writers have formed around themselves. This movie shows why those limitations are meant to be broken. George Miller has again proved he has the ability of turning the ‘no’ of a regular human into an overwhelming ‘yes‘. When people imagine a story, but end up asking ‘why?’, George Miller asks ‘Why not?’

My rating for Mad Max: Fury Road: 9.8/10

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  1. buymymonkey says:

    I wanted to see it, and now, after reading your review, I really want to see it. Nice job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dreager1 says:

    This film definitely doesn’t look like it’s my style and I was surprised to see that it got so many good reviews. It sounds like it was much better than anticipated!


    1. I will give you that the movie is not everyone’s cup of tea and may not suit everyone’s taste
      But Mad Max is a consummate action movie


  3. Dinesh Babu K N says:

    There were hardly people talking. Chase – kill some war boys- Chase again – drive on – chase-drive back-end it somehow.
    Endless driving and explosions. But where is any plot. May be fans shouldn’t expect a Riddick or the Water-world hero. It’s a visual treat I agree.

    You missed water-world there I believe. Search for green-land.
    As you said, not my cup of tea. There should have been a plot for this awesome visual treat which has a rocking BGM.

    Liked by 1 person

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