EASTER EGG FRIDAYS! The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

So I’m starting this new thing that, on a few Fridays, I will upload a few Easter Eggs in various movies that you might’ve missed. This Friday’s movie is The Dark Knight Rises.

A few days ago, I was watching the Dark Knight Rises, and during the scene where Bane (Played by Tom Hardy) destroys the Rugby field and only one player survives, it struck me that maybe Nolan, with all his consummate knowledge of making an epic film, has given a subtle nod to all prominent DC characters. Don’t believe me? Read on. The following evidence might seem far fetched but look at the basic level of symbolism each character represents and hopefully it’ll make sense.

Here goes nothing..

1. The Rugby Scene. 


I hope all of you are aware of who Cyborg AKA Victor Stone is. In the comics, he is a promising Rugby player who meets with an accident but survives, which results him in becoming Cyborg. In this movie, when Bane destroys the field, only one player survives the accident. Furthermore, the player has a dark skin tone like Victor, they even share the same jersey number-86. I believe this scene is to represent Cyborg.

2. The opening of the Pit.

When Bane takes Bruce AKA Batman (Played by Christian Bale) to his childhood home, the pit, he talks about why this pit is the worst in the world. Because the opening of the pit was so close that it developed hope in the prisoners’ minds. The prisoners looked up towards the sky and dreamt of freedom. Now which character comes to your mind when we think of looking up towards the sky and seeing hope, something/someone who’ll bring us freedom and help us survive. Superman. “The S stands for hope.”

3. The rope around Bruce 


When Bruce makes the climb the first few times with the rope, he fails to climb out of the pit. The prisoners there ask him to stop because they know he will never make it out of the pit, and the rope represents that. This is proven when, later on, Bruce successfully climbs out without the rope. The rope symbolizes that one needs to embrace the fact that they will never get out of the pit; it symbolizes that one must accept the truth of this fact. This rope represents Wonder Woman, more specifically her lasso of Truth. 

4. The Doctor’s dialogue about fear 

The blind doctor in the pit played a very vital role in Bruce’s recovery and an even more vital role in his escape. He told Bruce how to make the climb. He must have fear in his heart. He must embrace the fear but not let it overcome him. Now which character deals with fear. Our beloved Green Lantern(s). Hal Jordan specifically is known for how he manages to use fear in his favour by embracing it, but making sure it doesn’t overcome him.

5. Catwoman stops the bullies 

tumblr_mdpnbcLMXa1r6oyo7o4_500 (1)

When Gotham is under the rule of Bane, or in his words, under the rule of the people of Gotham, Catwoman (Played by Anne Hathaway) stops a group of bullies from beating up a boy who had stolen an apple from them. After that, she says “Don’t steal from anyone who you can’t outrun.” Now when Barry Allen was young, he was told a somewhat similar dialogue, “Never mess with anyone who you can’t outrun.” Barry Allen grows up to be struck by lightning and becoming the fastest man on Earth, the Flash. I strongly believe this scene was to represent the Scarlett Speedster.

So that’s it for today, folks. Hope you enjoyed reading this and do let me know if you’ve noticed something else in this movie/trilogy as well.

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