Game of Thrones – Season 5 Episode 10: “Mother’s Mercy”

Episode of Mutiny and Death. By far the most egregious entry in the Game of Thrones series. I am very ambivalent about this episode because on one hand the episode was fast and plot progressive but on the other, it probably broke my appetite for gory stuff and actually made me sick. All I can say is Game of Thrones Season 5 ended on a very high note but with a very, very dark undertone.

The episode starts with the ice that was standing in Stannis Baratheon’s (Played by Stephen Dillane) way melting which gives a semi-upbeat start to the episode because there was a very evil reason as to why the ice was melting away. As Stannis was ready to march towards Winterfell, he is informed that half his army who were sell swords had run away. Mutiny no. 1. Stannis with his stubborn nature insisted on marching towards Winterfell, where he eventually suffered defeat. After being severely wounded, Brienne of Tarth (Played by Gwendoline Christie) finds him with his back against a tree, completely helpless. She avenges his brother, Renly Baratheon, whose guard she served on. Death no. 1.

Moving on to the situation in Meeren, Tyrion (Played by Peter Dinklage) is found in a dilemma when he is asked to govern the city in the absence of the queen, Daenerys (Played by Emilia Clarke). Meanwhile, Daenerys is at an unknown place with her eldest dragon, Drogon. After he heroically came to his mother’s rescue, he again stopped listening to her. Their relationship somehow reminds me the relationship between Ash and Charizard. Now to all the people out there who don’t know who Ash and Charizard are, please go get a life. Just like Ash and Charizard, Daenerys and Drogon have a hot-cold relationship. Ever since Drogon got big he became out of control and never listened to Daenerys, exactly like Charizard after he evolved from Charmeleon. But in many sticky situations Charizard came to Ash’s rescue just like Drogon in Episode 9. The last scene of the season where we see Daenerys is her being surrounded by a huge horde of soldiers. A huge cliffhanger, but it still isn’t the biggest speaking point.

Arya Stark (Played by Maisie Williams) defies the many-faced god by killing a man who didn’t deserve to die yet according to the god. This results in her possibly loosing her eye-sight, at least that’s how it looks as the scene shifts and we see last see Arya  for the season with her eyes going cloudy. Myrcella Baratheon (Played by Nell Tiger Free) is finally going home to Kingslanding with her uncle/father, Jamie Lannister (Played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) when she is poisoned aboard the ship. Death no. 2. The biggest talking point is the long walk of atonement of Cersei Lannister (Played by Lena Headey). This is probably the most gory part of the episode. It was so gory, I actually had to pause the episode and take a break. The long-awaited nude scene of Lena Headey is finally here and oh boy, have we got enough of it. I will not divulge anymore details of this but I will only tell you to brace yourself of some really hard-hitting scenes. Also, The Mountain is back! At least his zombie is and I couldn’t help but notice he definitely looks like what a white walker would look like. Another mutiny and death took place which is a very big talking point because it changes the complete scenario of the show and rehashes the habit of the writers of killing off protagonists.

Major cast re-shuffle will take place next season because of the numerous killings that took place in the last episode and the story couldn’t get anymore intriguing. But I have to say that this season was little monotonous until the last 3 episodes. The story has stagnated a little and needs to pick up pace in the next season. A huge round of applause to the entire cast for their dedication to the show especially, Lena Headey for her commitment to the show. It couldn’t have been easy to shoot that atonement walk scene, but it was flawless. Emotions flared throughout the episode, and for the first time in this season the viewers could properly connect to the true essence of Game of Thrones. Overall, the developments in the latter part of the season has made it possibly one of the best and my only problem with the show is that I have to wait another year for the next 10 episodes. This season gave us so many things to talk about and be completely awe-struck of, but the biggest take away by a big margin was that, Winter is Here.

My rating for Game of Thrones -Season 5 Episode 10: 8.9/10

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  1. God darn, this is on point.
    I loved the review. Except the fact that Jon Snow’s death wasn’t discussed upon.
    (infact there is a possibility that he may even be resurrected)


    1. Wanted to avoid the Jon Snow spoiler


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