The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

Here’s the link to the trailer of the movie in-case you haven’t watched the movie/trailer yet:

A typical Guy Richie movie. This movie has Guy Richie all over it, including the credits. From producing the movie, to writing the screenplay to directing it, he’s done everything and that is why the movie has turned out to be the way it has. A masterpiece of a spy movie. This movie does complete justice to the last generation TV show.

The movie has Solo (Played by Henry Cavill), an American Spy going toes to toes with Illya (Played by Armie Hammer), a Soviet Spy to gain possession of a mechanic working in East Berlin, Gaby (Played by Alicia Vikander). Once Solo has her in his custody, he is further instructed of his mission where he is supposed to work with Illya and Gaby and infiltrate an organization that allegedly has nuclear weapons. So basically, this movie is set during the Cold War era, the Soviets and Americans have locked horns in the arms race. And here two of the best spies in the world along with an ordinary citizen are working together to stop the transfer of nuclear weapons to a Nazi organization.

The key to this is Gaby’s uncle who is supposed to be the cover to this entire organization and the three of them take on roles to infiltrate the organization and can I tell you how funny all of this is. Illya and Gaby take on the role of an engaged couple and the friction and sexual tension between the two is hilarious. Gaby’s biological father had gone missing and Gaby was brought on board to help track him down. Gaby’s father was helping the organization develop enriched uranium for their nuclear missiles, but it turns out the almost had created a nuclear weapon. Solo and Illya are an awkward and adorable team when they work their way into the organization’s base to discover their secrets. With showing off their high-er tech gadgets to their superior skill set, everything is a competition for them. Once they discover various secrets, they try to move closer in on the organization, when Gaby rats the two spies out and that leads to complications in the mission. But it later turns out, she did that to keep her cover safe. Yep, she too is a spy, I’m going to let this point go because you need to enjoy this. With an epic and badass conclusion to the movie where Solo blows the the heads of the organization up with a missile, the movie finishes on a very high note,where they three spies collude together to form U.N.C.L.E.

Now as far as the characters go, this movie requires proper understanding of the characters. Solo is a narcissistic, cool, adroit spy. He is the guy with all the suave and equianimous mind. He doesn’t crack under any situation and has a good sense of humor. He does the job he is required to and doesn’t get emotional or too attached. He is essentially a thief before he gets caught and the CIA hire him to make him their most efficient spy.

Illya on the other hand is the complete opposite. He’s a patriot, stringent and text-book guy. He checks his boxes and follows the rules. He can’t stand the thought or sight of someone maligning the Soviet Union or her people. He’s brutal, angry but also soft and squishy around Gaby. That also reminds me there also so many times the two of them kiss, but are always interrupted.

The movies has excellent cinematography. The script and screenplay are just amazing. The background score is one thing that stood out for me even in this amazing movie, because without it, I believe this movie wouldn’t have been the same. With a decent amount of comical interjections and satirical friction between the protagonist, it ensures it lightens a otherwise, adrenaline-pumping, nerve wrecking action movie that only Guy RIchie could have pulled off. There are so many other aspects of the movie, like how small stories and parts were included to keep the movie going without it getting laggy, like the entire part with Illya’s father’s watch. This shows the adroit and consummate writing that Hollywood is capable of. I have tried to keep as many details from you, so you can get a wholesome experience for yourself first hand because I recommend this movie highly.

My rating for The Man from U.N.C.L.E: 8.6/10

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  1. The Newspaper says otherwise – that even the final chase isn’t very thrilling.
    120 bucks . Hope it’s worth it dude.


    1. Man, I beg to differ from the newspapers. The movie was an action-fest.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Abi S says:

    I loved it too! The background score, especially! Will soon put up my review of it on the blog.


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