Black Mass (2015)

Here’s the link to the trailer of the movie in-case you haven’t watched the movie/trailer yet:

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Black Mass is a masterpiece of a movie that is inspired by real-life events. With an amazing script, consummate acting and excellent directing the movie does complete justice to a story that would’ve otherwise been very difficult to put on the big silver screen.

The story is about Jimmy ‘Whitey’ Bulger (Played by Johnny Depp) who was Boston’s kingpin from 70’s to the 80’s. The movie is basically Jimmy’s colleagues, Kevin Weeks (Played by Jesse Plemons) and Steve Flemmi (Played by Rory Cochrane) submitting information about Jimmy to the feds. In a very smooth and coherent transition, the movie subtly establishes the character sketches and origins of all the protagonists. The movie sheds light on the crime syndicate Jimmy had established the kinds of problems it had created in the city of Boston. Jimmy has an older brother, William Bulger (Played by Benedict Cumberbatch) who is the senator of the state and the most powerful man in the state. The contrast in the family is simply appealing. Two individuals of completely different nature, jobs and thinking could live so harmoniously and have so much emotion between the two. That is one part of the movie that I would like to congratulate the director on getting spot on.

As, Jimmy makes a deal with FBI for being an informant via his childhood fried, John Connolly (Played by Joel Edgerton) who joined the Boston division of the FBI to clear out the Italian mafia. The Italian mafia was also having a truf war with Jimmy at the same time. So John and Jimmy joined hands to remove the Italian mafia, but Jimmy used the informant immunity to his own benefit by escalating his racketeering schemes to an all new level. John understands this and continues to persuade the FBI to overlook his activities when there is a change in the legal department of the bureau. Fred Wyshak (Played by Corey Stoll) is a determined, no bull-shit lawyer who wants to put Jimmy away at all costs. He bulldoses the House of Cards (Intended) set up so elaborately by Jimmy and the entire syndicate comes crashing down. One thing we see about Jimmy is that he is a man of principles and cannot stand a ‘rat’; he doesn’t like disloyal people. He’s a psychopath with a stringent sense of righteousness. He believes that a disloyal person doesn’t deserve to live and he implements this principle throughout the movie to so many people that I saw shades of Game of Thrones where characters died out of nowhere. Jimmy suffers tragedy in the form of the death of his young son and his mother, which only leads him to get more aggressive in the crime scene. The movie ends like every non-fiction movie does, talking about the current situation of people it shed light on through out the movie.

The movie is all about drugs, murder and crime. The acting is simply amazing. The commitment level of each actor is astronomical. Benedict Cumberbatch again displays his vibrancy by taking a roll that no-one usually would’ve pictured him playing. The southern Boston accent must have been really difficult to learn and even more difficult to be fluent in. Now, I don’t have a lot of experience with that accent but he seemed flawless. Johnny Depp is the most committed and versatile actor Hollywood has to give. And when you look at him in this view you simply cannot imagine in your wildest dreams that this man will be playing our beloved Jack Sparrow very soon. The look of Jimmy for some reason reminded me of Jared Leto’s Joker in the upcoming movie ‘Suicide Squad’. It just had this eerie resemblance, here see for yourselves,


But, the movie did get a little laggy around the interval and the entire setting of the movie isn’t what everyone might like. The movie has an all-star cast and that is why this movie turned out to be so good. If you are a die-hard fan of any of the cast members then I suggest you go watch this. If you are interested in crime movies or non-fiction, then this is a must watch. But if you are going to the movies for the sake of it, then this might not be the one to catch.

My rating for Black Mass: 8.7/10

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  1. Yes. for Depp and Cumberbtach.
    It sounds a bit like Public Enemies – remember Depp played gangster there.
    Trailer raised expectations.

    Did you see ‘Legend’ trailer ?


    1. Depp’s performance in Black Mass is on a whole new level.
      I haven’t seen the trailer, imma do that ASAP.

      Liked by 1 person

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