Talvar (2015)

Here’s the link to the trailer of the movie in-case you haven’t watched the movie/trailer yet: https://goo.gl/sIvuvV

Well executed. Talvar is one of the rare Indian movies that is executed better than most Hollywood films. Movies like Talvar epitomizes as to why Bollywood is taken seriously as a movie industry on the international platform. Talvar had me on the edge of my seat from the start to the end and left both the handles of my seat with small tears in the cloth. The suspense this movie maintains is simply brilliant.

The movie has a very ‘straight-to-the-point’ approach to it. In the first 3 minutes of the movie itself, it sets up the premise of the entire movie. A double murder and its investigation. The local police takes the reigns of the investigation initially. With the arrogant, disrespectful and apathetic attitude displayed by them towards the parents of the 14 year old girl, Ramesh Tandon (Played by Neeraj Kabi) and Nutan Tandon (Played by Konkana Sen Sharma). The lackadaisical attitude of the police is displayed throughout the movie, and how it leads to ambiguity in the entire case and due to this no substantial evidence could ever be recovered. The police fail to give a proper decision, fail to conduct a proper investigation and fail to recover substantial evidence, which leads to the case being passed on to the CDI, more specifically, Ashwin Kumar (Played by Irfaan Khan). Ashwin is dedicated to solving the case at all costs. The lack of devotion by the police only led to a simple murder case turning into one of the complex and aggravating murder cases of all time. The police come up with their weird theory of honor killing by the parents, because the daughter was having a romantic relationship with the servant of the house.

Ashwin has to deal with all the mess the police had created and also with the internal politics that existed in bureau itself. The director has done an excellent job of portraying the struggle of an honest and dedicated man in search of justice. Ashwin faces continuous set-backs, either with the tampered with evidence, or betrayal by this teammates or lack of support from the director of the CDI. Ashwin actually solves the case, atleast that’s what he believes, when the main evidence required to file a charge sheet turns out to ‘false’ and the entire case needed to be investigated into again. Ashwin realizes that the CDI itself is working against him because the higher authorities have already decided that they were going to convict the parents and would not consider the servant side of things. The movie is an excellent blend, of suspense, comedy and tragedy. With cogent writing and excellent direction, this movie you just cannot miss.

The movie has so many aspects to it, that a viewer has a holistic experience of what a movie in this genre must be like. At no point in time, will the viewer be overwhelmed or bored will at all times be engrossed as to what is going to happen next. With excellent portrayals of various theories that could have led to the murder of the two people, the movie even though ends with no proper climax, it doesn’t leave the viewer ambiguous. It leaves the viewer very ambivalent about the events that transpired on the silver screen, and leaves it to the discretion of the viewer as to what he inferred from it and who he thinks committed the murders. Excellent acting by all cast members and Irfaan Khan being a part of the list is just a cherry on the cake. But for me, even he wasn’t the highlight of the film. It has to be the way movie was executed, such a story, which is already sensitive to the general masses, needs to very precise and not too instigating and that is exactly what this movie was. The movie captures, the ‘rust’ in our legal system and constantly highlights how many a times justice is never delivered or delivered late, which is just as bad. On my part, this movie is worth watching multiple times and I can assure you’ll come across something different and interesting everytime you watch it.

My rating for Talwar: 8.9/10

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