Ronaldo (2015)

A documentary that fulfils its purpose. This documentary is a cocktail of various aspects of the football-ing idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. It gives the necessary ‘sneak-peak’, the necessary glimpse into a global superstar’s life. it helps a viewer vicariously live the thrill of being a celebratory, re-live the magical moments on the football pitch and help open their eyes about he also is a human, with a normal, private side to his life.

The documentary begins with Ronaldo talking about him rising to fame, winning the Ballon d’or and then losing it 4 consecutive times to Lionel Messi. The documentary mainly circles around two season, 2013-14 and 2014-15. In a very systematic manner, the viewer is taking through a wonderful ride through a true story of ‘rags to riches’. How Ronaldo struggled early on in his life, but started his football career at the age of 12 and since then has never looked back. His rise from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United at the age of 18 and then moving onto Spain after winning everything there was to win back in England. Ronaldo also talks about being a father, how him having a child changed his life. The documentary consists of numerous scenes and private moments of Ronaldo with his son, which completely isolate the star factor about the Real Madrid striker and show him as a simple, loving father looking to do right by his young son. He also addresses how the mother’s identity had been hidden for a reason and confesses to reveal it once his son is ready. The documentary is excellent for another reason because it just simply didn’t focus on Ronaldo and the football pitch.

It covers from Ronaldo’s personal life like his mother and brother to his professional life, like his agent and his personal manager. It’s a holistic view towards Ronaldo’s life as what it is today and not what happened in the yesteryears. Yes, there are instances where the documentary goes into retrospective, but it mainly focuses on Ronaldo’s life as it is now as of now. And all the close people in his life talk about his rise, what they feel about him and how much they owe him. The viewer after seeing Ronaldo win the Ballon d’or in 2014, is slingshot to the FIFA world cup 2014 in Brazil. At that time, Ronaldo had been suffering from a leg injury and there was an impending risk of his career being abruptly cut-short if he suffered a major injury at the global tournament. The documentary in an excellent way managed to cover the struggle and the emotions that Ronaldo, his family and friends and an entire nation went through after the entire world cup debacle. But the documentary picks up again, when Ronaldo came back as strong as ever in the following season, which led him to winning the Ballon d’or for the second consecutive time.

The documentary also captures the struggles of Ronaldo’s mother and brother, and how he helped them be where they are in life today. A major chunk of the documentary is about how various individuals keep saying ‘ciao’, especially his agent. Talking about his agent, a lot of screen time is given to him and this only goes onto help the viewer grasp the idea that Ronaldo as an individual today did not reach that place alone and out of all the people who had his back, his agent was probably the one in the center. There are also a lot little things that makes the viewer happy and vicariously feel proud of having this person as an idol. He ensures that the world of fame doesn’t affect his mind frame and makes sure his family especially his son is not affected by the fame. There is this one scene, where his son meets Messi at the Ballon D’or and the expression on his face is so true, it only makes the viewer smile and see for himself that, even for the son of the greatest footballer in the world, it is a moment of shock and wonder to meet his father’s colleague and also the greatest footballer in the world.

The documentary does have a narcissist undertone, but I think it’s acceptable considering the purpose of the documentary was about the legend. The editing is absolutely fantastic and the structure of the documentary as a whole is amazing. In certain parts though, it may feel a little distorted and ambiguous. In my honest opinion, this an absolute must watch for every football fan and anyone who is aware of the acronym, ‘CR7’.

My rating for Ronaldo: 8.3/10

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