Spectre (2015)

Textbook. James Bond is back with his class, chivalry and a cold face of an agent with a license to kill. Spectre sticks to the ‘Bond-Film-Formula’ and viewers aren’t shown anything out of the ordinary in comparison to the other Bond films, apart from one change, which is extremely irritating.

The movies starts off with the usual, Daniel Craig-Bond way, in a chase/operation, where the viewer is not aware of what is going on, but is captured in awe with all the guns, running, jumping and blasts. This further leads to setting the plot and then the entire story is based on it. After Bond (Played by Daniel Craig) conducts an unauthorized operation in Mexico, the new M (Played by Ralph Fiennes) grounds him indefinitely and here the usual rebel-nature of Bond kicks in and defies a direct order with the help of Q (Played by Ben Whishaw), the Quartermaster and Ms. Moneypenny (Played by Naomie Harris). Bond takes us to all the exotic locations like, Rome and Austria, in search for a lead or link to the antagonist of the movie, Oberhauser (Played by Christoph Waltz). Oberhauser is shown as the head of an organization that also consisted of the past Bond villains like Silva (Skyfall) and Le Chiffre (Casino Royale), hence linking the entire Craig-Bond series together, which was a nice touch really. There are various instances where events from Skyfall were referred to, hence, removing the isolation effect of each movie in the Bond series; Bond movies have had the tendencies not to relate to the movies preceding them due to either change in the cast or the team behind the camera. Aston Martin DB10 makes its debut on the silver screen, but the DB5, does make a comeback, hence giving it the class-stamp again, showing how Bond will never lose his touch.

The classics make a comeback in this movie, clearly giving a nod to all the entries before this. Iconic dialogues like:

Bond. James Bond.”
“Vodka Martini; Shaken, not stirred”

The classy cars, the seductive nature to take out information and of-course the multipurpose watch, which plays an integral part in Bond getting away from imminent death. Something about the Bond movies that has always nagged me is, that even after all these fandom inspiring class acts and dialogues, most of the entries fail to find consistency on two grounds, logic and flow. As of late, with the dawn of the action-based films, explosives are being used extensively to give it the realistic and awe-inspiring touch, and many-a-times they work, but it must be used in the correct way, and many-a-times they end up ruining the experience because it tends to break the flow of the movie. In this movie, there were so many blasts taking place, for example, there were two demolitions of buildings, one in the start and one in the end. It was like sitting in a Michael Bay film, but just with a lot more class in it. Bond films as of late have failed to capture, the logical aspect as well, and that is seen in this film as well, but considering its Bond and the logical fallacies are necessary to appease the appetite of the action-hungry audience.

A romantic plot is introduced and is explored intensively, which is the change I had mentioned, the Bond girl does not die or move away from Bond in this movie, instead something rather shocking and disappointing happens, which I shall leave you to find out for yourselves. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about. Andrew Scott, who plays Max Denbigh gets very less screen-time, and at some point of time in the movie, you just start to question why was such an acclaimed artist casted for such a puny and up to some extent irrelevant role. But, the movie checks its boxes in building the suspense and vicariously making the viewers live the life of a dynamic, sexy agent. It does create an atmosphere of ambiguity and confusion, which leads to curiosity, which I must applaud the writers for.

The cinematography as usual was mind-blowing and so was the background score, the direction on the other hand could’ve used a little bit more work. At many points multiple scenes ended up falling flat, which ultimately  led to multiple yawns around the hall. I’m not a big Bond fan and Daniel Craig possibly is my favorite Bond and sure am looking forward to one last Bond film, with him reprising the role. If, unlike me, you’re a die-hard Bond fan and won’t look at the movie from a critical point of view, this one you don’t want to miss this one, but if on the other hand, you’re looking to go for this movie because it’s Bond, I do recommend it, but there is no harm for waiting for a good print on torrent. But, rest assured, the franchise still has a lot to offer, and the Bond legacy hasn’t turned to crumbles, even though a few cracks have started to appear. All this said, one thing is for sure, Bond will be back.

My rating for Spectre: 7.7/10

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