Me and Earl and The Dying Girl (2015)

Genuine. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl belongs to the rare category of movies where the movie is genuine, true and completely relatable. No over done plot, exaggerated story and unnecessary romantic interjections. Me and Earl and The Dying Girl is what a high-school-teenage movie is supposed to be like.

The movie’s plot is hilarious, simple and beautiful altogether. Greg (Played by Thomas Mann) an awkward high school student is struggling to find his place amongst the people around him and is seen to be wandering and being a part of every group. His ideologies in life regarding groups, friends and enemies are so relatable that it actually is relieving to see that you are not the only one who went/is going through that phase. Greg has one friend, who he doesn’t call his friend, but his co-worker, Earl (Played by RJ Cyler). They had been friends from a very young age and were exposed to weird exotic cuisines and  ‘classic’ movies had become their occupation. When Greg’s mother forces him to hangout with his classmate, Rachel (Played by Olivia Cooke) who had been diagnosed with leukemia, it marks the beginning of a ‘doomed friendship’ that would make a beautiful story which would just melt the hearts of the audience.

This movie checks almost every box. The foremost thing that I liked about this film was how it was executed, it has a weird start of a boy telling his own tale, you usually this kind of an approach in a suspense-thriller or non-fictional action movies. The way each character was established with elaborate detail about their nature and how clearly it was shown how each character is related or connected to the other. The writers have done an excellent job in portraying the purest form of a awkward high-school students and not turning it into an overdone fiction romance fest. The movie shows the gradual increasing depth of friendship between Greg and Rachel, which was so different from all the other teenage related movies I have watched that I was shocked. Something that stood out for me, was how there were various instances where in a normal rom-com, Rachel and Greg would’ve fallen in love and would embrace each other and kiss and what not, but in this movie, Greg in the background actually address this; he says if this was a movie he and Rachel would’ve fallen in love and everything, but then he snaps back to reality and nothing of that sort happens. The pace of the timeline of the growth of the friendship and worsening of Rachel’s condition is extremely well paced and the connection between the both has been established very well.

The most impressive part on the part of the writers would be how the script managed to manipulate and trick the viewers at every turn. The portrayal of teenagers feelings and emotions is expressed superbly. Like the Moose crushing a hamster was related to each time a pretty, attractive girl enticed ‘dorks’ like Greg. I know that’s a weird connection, but in the context of the movie and its implementation, it just makes a lot of sense. Something new and refreshing that this extraordinary film had to give was how the viewer didn’t have to experience the events vicariously, the emotions all the events and scenes in the movie tried to trigger, each viewer must have experienced it for themselves in real life. Rather than acting as an emotion trigger, the scenes in the movies acted as a memory trigger, which is an extremely difficult and commendable feat to achieve.

The cinematography is just brilliant. Why? Because it’s just as awkward as the characters in it. The dialogues are smart, crisp and easy to comprehend. The story-line is pretty straightforward and at no point of time will you feel lost. Emotions shall run wild during the movie, but at no point of time will you feel overwhelmed by too many emotions. The movie does get a little bit slow somewhere around the 1 hour mark, but again picks up its pace. The actors have done an exceptional job. It isn’t easy portraying such relatable roles. The biggest burden for actors in such roles is doing 100% justice to it, because if they don’t do that, the movie just wouldn’t be so genuine. For all you people out there, no matter what your age is or what mood you’re in, or with who you are, just drop everything and watch this movie. Trust me, it’s just simply brilliant.

My rating for Me and Earl and The Dying Girl: 8.8/10

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  1. Priyanka says:

    Wasn’t it the best? It’s definitely one of the few really good high school movies out there. Also, Earl is my spirit animal. He’s awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was a great movie! A truly pleasant surprise. It’s interesting you bring up how the movie manipulates with the audience. Normally I’d be against that in a movie, but it really works here because it got me to mimic the emotions of the lead character: being in complete denial and then having to accept the reality. Brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ryan Mitra says:

      It’s just one of those movies that surprisingly surpasses your expectations

      Liked by 1 person

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