Tunes for Today

Hey guys!
So there is some big change here at Flicks for Tonight. WE’RE EXPANDING. I would first like to thank all my readers out there for reading all my entries and making this blog a success. Today, my best friend and I have decided to expand to a different field beyond the silver screen and the screen of the idiot box. Music. Protyay Chakraborty is an amazing singer and violinist, with also an exceptional talent for writing and editing. He will be handling the music sections where, we will be posting Album reviews and Song reviews of various artists and bands from across the globe. All of this be under the ‘Tunes for Today’. You can find this specific category dedicated only for music, on the menu bar on top of this page. Along with reviews we’d also provide names and links of some must-have songs on your playlist. If you’re on Spotify, we’d be making our playlists public for you to see and take songs for your playlist if you like any.

Apart from this, I have a few other projects lined up, that will make this blog a little more interesting and will also give a different perspective to movies and shows.

I, again thank you for all the support you’ve given me and do hope you continue to enjoy Flicks for Tonight.


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