Red Hood: The Fallen (Fan Film) (2015)

This is my first fan-film review and I’m only doing this because it superseded my expectation by a huge margin. Usually, when you see a fan-film, you see excited fan boys and girls, in awkward scenes and in shoddy camera work, all this is in comparison to the actual movies. But this fan film is nothing like that.

It is simple, it re-writes a classic storyline and it’s brilliantly executed. In the comics as well as the animated movie, Jason Todd, one of Batman’s Robin is captured by the Joker, who goes on to kill him, or that’s what Bruce is led to believe. His death haunts him for years, after which a mysterious figure returns to the streets of Gotham, using Batman’s methods but only willing to that one step to ensure a ‘permanent’ solution. This fan-film gives a refreshing new perspective to that story line. Batman dies, Robin lives.

The execution of this project is simply awe-inspiring. At some points I actually felt that I was watching a high-budget movie. It’s a 20 minute watch, but it’s so engaging that you’ll get so engrossed, you won’t realize how those 20 minutes got over. The actor who plays Red Hood, has done such an excellent job in bringing the character to life. You can feel the despair, animosity and tragedy by his body language. The costumes are very impressive and don’t seem overdone. The Joker’s voice and costumes are on point, though the look of the Joker could’ve been better. The dialogues were catchy and true to the character’s nature.

Something that I really admire about this fan-film was how Jason kept calling Alfred about his the latest developments in his life. Alfred was possibly his only link to his previous life. This is showed us, he wasn’t ready to let himself go completely and still felt the obligation to stay true to his previous life. This aspect resonated so purely. The way this was done, I could imagine it being done in the comics in the exact same way. Red Hood is a complex character, but he is still at the ‘end of the day’ fighting for Batman’s cause.

I sure am hoping for more sequels/prequels for this film, or more excellent movies by the makers of the same.

The link to the film: Red Hood: The Fallen – DC Comic Batman Fan Film

This channel who made this film also have some other really cool videos, be sure to check them out.

The link to the channel: Toby Bajrovic


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