Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

A milestone. That’s what this movie signifies. A milestone in the long and many a times failed fusion of comics and cinema. Even after all the criticism and negative reviews, I believe BvS reigns supreme over all superhero movies and only falls below the Nolan Trilogy.

Zack Snyder, quickly took us through the origin of the Batman, to bring us to pace with the two protagonists and their origins and then brilliantly blends and extends the universe of Superman into the a full blown DC universe, by cleverly showing Bruce Wayne’s (Played by Ben Affleck) presence in Metropolis, during the events that occurred during ‘Man of Steel’.
The movie brilliantly blends and paces the story in the start, by quickly showing the viewers the darker and more violent side of the Dark Knight, than they’ve previously seen on the silver screen. With a brilliant, introductory scene, as a comic book reader, I can say that it was almost as if the panels had come alive. Realism is seen dripping right from the start of the movie, and somehow manages to stay intact even though the movie goes on a very unrealistic tangent by the end.

Bruce Wayne sees Superman (Played by Henry Cavill) as a threat, not unlike a lot of other people, including politicians and a psychopathic billionaire, Lex Luthor (Played by Jesse Eisenberg). Throughout the movie we see Bruce Wayne prepare to take on the Man of Steel, by acquiring the newly found kryptonite, which is was initially in the hands of Lex Luthor. In the comics, Luthor pre-dominantly is a nemesis of Superman, but has been confronted by Batman on numerous occasions, and that is what I admire about this movie is that it manages to enlarge the microscopic world we were shown in Man of Steel into a complete universe full of other people with superior abilities. The introduction of the DC universe, I believe was far better than that of the ‘Avengers’ seen in ‘Iron Man.’

The fight and action scenes are simply brilliantly choreographed and are mind blowing. I personally drooled. Concepts and scenes taken directly from the comic books and absolute adherence to the source material, gives these scenes the authentic touch that is just so pleasing to a comic reader as myself. But even for a non comic book reader, you simply cannot watch Batman don his cowl and go beat someone up with complete suave, without yelling out ‘aaaawwwwooowwow’. The first confrontation between Superman and Batman, even though was simply awe-inspiring and actually brought tears in my eyes, I felt it was a little rushed and should’ve lasted a little longer with more exchange of dialogue between the two titans.

“Tell me. Do you bleed? You will.” 

The other two important characters that cannot go unmentioned are obviously, Doomsday and Wonder Woman (Played by Gal Gadot). Seeing both these characters on the silver screen is obviously overwhelming for every person out there, but I was certainly disappointed with the animation of Doomsday and I believe it could’ve been executed far better. The script does complete justice to small stint Wonder Woman had in the movie and perfectly sets up Wonder Woman’s solo movie. Easter Eggs are abundant including that of The Joker, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Darkseid and Orion. This movie has brilliantly set up the entire movie universe and I believe it will only get better as each movie releases.

Seeing the Trinity together on the big wide screen, I can promise you my heart has never pounded harder.

What I enjoyed the most about this movie has to be the adherence to various source materials. From the Injustice series, to the Dark Knight Returns, to the Death of Superman title series, small takes from Superman 04, Flashpoint Paradox (or Crisis on Infinite Earths). It was just so brilliant to see the very panels I gawked upon come to life and blend so well with each other. And the way they blend in the realism with these comic series is very commendable.

Ben Affleck as I had said earlier is Batman incarnate and is going to be best choice the Warner Bros. and DC will have made when it comes to casting for Batman solo films and the Justice League. Gal Gadot has done brilliantly in pulling off the role of Diana Prince which in itself is an extremely difficult role to do justice to, because of sheer the power the character radiates. I did not like Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, he definitely has acted brilliantly, but I was simply very disappointed by his impersonation because it resembled nothing like what Luthor is supposed to be like. In the comics, Luthor is supposed to be an equanimous, collected and full of grace yet full of evil, but in the movie, he just came off as jerky, excited, arrogant and like a child who was refused a lollipop. Furthermore, for some weird reason, his performance strongly reminded me of Sharukh Khan, which I am sure is nothing like what Lex Luthor is supposed to be like. The script did end up becoming a little disconnected and the editing was shabby, but I believe that is simply a long standing history with Snyder movies; theatrical releases always ended up being a little disappointing, but when the Ultimate Cut is released and you see the movie how it supposed to be, you’re simply blown away. Least to say, I’m most definitely looking forward to the ultimate cut. And can we please, please, get BatFleck to say “I’m Batman”?


My rating for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: 8.6/10

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Also here is a picture of me cosplaying as the Joker at a Comic-Con, along with a very cute looking Harley Quinn, I met there. (Still don’t know who she is 😦 Someone please help me find out, not being creepy here alright? Okay maybe a little)

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