Game of Thrones – Season 6 Episode 1: “The Red Woman”

Game of Thrones made a triumphant return into our lives with so many plots that it is going to be difficult to keep track of them. The season picked right from where it left us hanging last year. Jon Snow (Played by Kit Harrington), in the snow, dead. No, this doesn’t mean Jon Snow is dead or does it? That is still to be seen.

The show quickly establishes the status each protagonist is in. Cersei (Played by Lena Headley) mourns the death of her daughter and the Lannisters start to shades of the domination and bloodshed that is going to follow in the next few episodes. Kings Landing continues to be a dynamic city with a continuous power struggle. Something that bothered me about today’s episode was that even though it established the situation of all protagonists it didn’t delve enough into the detail of any of them. It felt like they continued to dabble in the shallow waters of fantasy story telling, something that I have noticed has been a continuous occurrence in early episodes since last season. Like last season, I expect the season to pick up pace and steam things up right in the end, showing us why exactly do we love this mind blowing show.

Something I’m eagerly waiting to see is how these scattered and distinct plotlines will merge and create a fantastic spectacle of pure and mouth watering screenplay and acting. I like how Daenerys Targaryen (Played by Emilia Clarke) has been taken back to her origins; to the Dothrakis making her storyline once again intriguing. Furthermore, the quest to find her and return her to Mereen, is something that a lot of us viewers will be waiting to feast our eyes upon. I wasn’t very happy with such a short highlight on Arya Stark (Played by Maisie Williams). As seen in the last season, Arya goes blind, presenting an enormous opportunity for the writers and the actress to explore with the role.

This episode even though had me extremely excited, did feel a little underwhelming considering the cliffhangers we were left with in the season 5 finale. I believe, it is time to either merge two strong and prominent plotlines, or reveal certain uncertainties from the origins of certain characters. I admire how finally the Stark plotline is finally picking up pace, the absence of Bran Stark (Played by Isaac Hempstead Wright) in season 5, only raises questions that need to be answered. And by the looks of the trailer we were treated to, they will be answered in the most magnificent manner. All this being said, it is understood that having so many plotlines can be a treat, but with limited screentime and even shorter narration of each plotline, it can be very difficult to intricately and in a detailed fashion to narrate one plotline the way it was supposed to be. I’m afraid, Game of Thrones wil need to start bringing the houses together, to have a more elaborate scenes without constant scene switches and as well a lot enough time to the sinister evil lying beyond the wall, White Walkers.

The reveal in the end completely justifies the episode title and something that couldn’t have been foreseen. Melisandre (Played by Carice van Houten) being one of my favorite characters, it is simply lovely to such a plot twist and it is unbearable to wait and see where they go with this reveal. But whatever has been said, nothing can deny the fact that, 9 more (hopefully glorious) episodes await us.

My rating for Game of Thrones -Season 6 Episode 1: 7.4/10

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