The Accountant (2016)

Complex. The plot and story of The Accountant is beautifully intricate and complex to keep the viewer intrigued until the last moment and even leaves them craving for more. A great mixture of suspense, thrill and action, The Accountant does complete justice to the expectations its wonderful trailer raised.

The movie beautifully paces itself with showing instances of Christian Wolff’s (Played by Ben Affleck) past and how his mental illness has led to him leading a life which a normal human would consider dangerous. After realizing that the US Treasury was looking to investigate into his matters, he quickly chooses to change his identity and takes up a cleaner and legally sound client to cover his tracks. And that is all the movie is based on; on how Christian’s insufferable need to finish what he starts, which is beautifully shown in the start of the film, drives him to unearth such grave secrets about his employer. Christian Wolff’s character is wonderfully fleshed out, how he is an art connoisseur, has a deep taste for aesthetics, how he was intrepid in times of pressure and enjoyed rifling. But one of the major shortcomings of this movie is that it fails to do so for other characters. It wonderfully tries to link each character to each other, but there just isn’t enough background shown for it to please the viewers appetite completely. The title character obviously had to have the spotlight throughout the film, but Affleck’s character was strongly influenced by the supporting characters as well, and unfortunately the disparity in the detailing of Affleck’s character and the others was just too much.

But the movie does hit a lot of right chords, the plot is quite complex and at every turn the viewer is always left wondering what is going to happen next and where is this going. The writers have tried to make consummate film; have the complete circle, but have left quite a few loopholes in the movie trying to do so. But something I thoroughly enjoyed was the subtle nods to Ben Affleck’s primary role in Hollywood now as ‘Batman.’ There were various instances where there were references to The Dark Knight throughout the movie. From having a rhyme about one of Batman’s villains; Solomon Grundy, which plays a very important part in the movie to more subtle nods like the first Batman comics present in Wolff’s trailer house. I will say this, Affleck does bring certain shades of his Batman into this movie and that only makes it that much better.

Affleck is slowly starting to sweep away the best roles in Hollywood with revolutionary and gripping roles. His ability to adapt to any given role and scene in any movie only shows how he has matured as an actor and is finally displaying his versatility as an actor. JK Simmons as usual, brings his fervor and energy in a completely gripping role. The movie holds quite a few shocking plot twists and most of them make a successful impact on the viewer and needless to say, you will find yourself on the edge of your seat until the very end.

My rating for The Accountant: 7.3/10

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