Logan (2017)

A movie that came one too late. ‘Logan’ is everything that was needed in a movie about a violent, enraged, powerful character such as the Wolverine. The sad part about this is that this movie marks as the final installment in the legacy of the original ‘X-Men’ series, with the remaining last two actors of the original cast calling it a day and hanging their boots on what can arguably be considered the greatest portrayals of comic book characters of all time.

For 17 years, Hugh Jackman portrayed the clawed barbarian, yet could not absolutely fulfil the potential the character had until this film. And it isn’t his fault, the fault lay in the fact that it took the studio 16 years to realize you can’t put an aggrieved and bloody character in a ‘ponies and rainbows’ PG-13 flick and expect the actor to do absolute justice to the character. But something that has to be admired about Jackman is that, with all the barriers placed in-front of him, he managed to take the role, the character and make it his own. He imbibed himself into the Wolverine. And became the Wolverine. He did this to such an extent that just around 2 generations will see and consider only him to don the claws, and no one else. He is what Tobey Maguire is to me as ‘Spider-Man’, Robert Downey Jr. as ‘Iron Man’ and Heath Ledger as the ‘Joker’. The one and true portrayer of a significant graphic novel character.

Logan AKA The Wolverine (Played by Hugh Jackman) right from the beginning sets the premise of the film; a beaten down, worn out, sick and highly mortal-like Mutant, somewhat like a hollow shell of his glory days as seen in the ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ or The original’ X-Men’ trilogy. A bibulous and morale-less Logan is seen taking care of Professor Charles Xavier AKA Professor X (Played by Patrick Stewart). The movie perfectly captures the growing relationship between the two right from the beginning. It brings an extra layer to the Wolverine’s character. As he has always been a stoic and refused to show affectionate emotion towards any other being for an elongated period of time. He did not do the same for Xavier, but chose to aid him whenever he required him to, even in old age.

Why I believe this movie lived up to its potential is because of the story and the plot. Unlike, the X-Men movies or the previous installments about the character, it did not try sell a plot that started to crumble by the half-way point and absolutely implode by the end of it. It did not try to over-sell the story by constantly adding aspects to the story about ‘the bigger picture-the X-Men universe’. But rather, it went the ‘Deadpool’ way and kept the story minimalistic, to the point and character oriented. There was a clear flow and connection between all the characters and plot-twists that did occur, were subtly highlighted before hand itself, therefore removing any loopholes and ambiguity. Furthermore, it imbibed the X-Men side of the character into the movies as a part of the character itself, rather than forcefully adding them as features to the movie. And that is a job well-done because the sheer difficulty to do so, is enormous and the writers have pulled this off with a masterstroke.

The movie does slow down a little in parts, and in the beginning I was scared it was going to pull off an ‘Avengers’ where a slow build-up of the story with minimum action will lead to an absolute action-fest and all will have to be forgiven, but there is a hefty sum of action in the movie and evenly spaced out, giving the viewer enough time to settle down and triggering emotion switches rather than absolutely overwhelm their senses with action throughout (which I wouldn’t have minded for the record). Something that I absolutely adored about this film was it took classic action stunts from its past movies like the iconic flat horizontal jump, with claws bearing out, and an absolute malicious urge to shred the target standing before him to pieces. But apart from this, it brought new ideas to the table and successfully executed them that only adds to the brilliance of the film. All of you remember that famous time-slowing scene by Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse (and the absolutely horrendous one in Disney-Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron)? Well, there is a similar but quite different take on such an action sequence in this film. Scenes are nerve-wrecking sometimes, sometimes suspenseful, awe-inspiring and absolutely full of gore, the complete package. The R-rating of the film only helped this film because finally the absolute intensity the Wolverine brings with his character is visible and it is very pleasing.

The movie unlike the other installments, brings about a very thought-out sense of realism. It drips with true, human-like features and emotions mixed with fictional overpowered ones. And that only makes the movie only more desirable. The last time I saw such a mix in such a beautiful blend dates back to 2008, ‘The Dark Knight’.

The story of the film does absolute justice to the ‘Old Man Logan’ comic books and also beautifully sets up the upcoming X-Men series with X-23 (Played by Dafne Keen). Hugh Jackman has perfectly rounded up his act as the Wolverine and has given a consummate performance in his final outing. He brings out shades of ‘the animal’ that we thought we didn’t want to see, but we desperately did. He gives a career landmark performance and should be maybe even considered for award nominations for his absolutely brilliant display of versatile acting talents and attributes.

Logan is a true, raw superhero film, that we all needed. Because in an age where blue beams shooting up into the sky is usually the problem all the superheroes face. Logan shows the human side of his mutant character and takes on a villain far more important and believable. He battles with issues that are relatable and yet brings to the table the aggression that we all adore. Even with this being Hugh Jackman’s last as him, The Wolverine, again grunts his way into our hearts.

My rating for Logan: 9.4/10

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  1. Superb review and so true!


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