Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Trailer #2

My second trailer review and it had to be this because, it’s obvious, isn’t it?

The second trailer of BvS:DoJ has dropped and can I just tell you that it’s mind-blowing! It’s everything that you want out of a trailer and more. It gives you an intense sneak-peak what awaits for us on the other side of 2016 and leaves us craving for more.

Love. Love. Love. Love. LOVE! Right from the start the trailer gets the viewer hooked, when Clark Kent (Played by Henry Cavill) and Bruce Wayne (Played by Ben Affleck) engage in hostile banter about Batman and Superman. This is literally where Batman and Superman fight over Batman and Superman. They clearly know their ‘caped’ identities and so does Lex Luthor. Bruce Wayne intensifies the situation to a whole new level when he draws a parallel between Superman and The Joker (Played by Jared Leto in the Suicide Squad). Subtle dialogues directly related to the plot and title of the movie is presented to the viewers in the first minute itself, and at that moment, you know this trailer is gonna be beyond amazing. Lex Luthor (Played by Jesse Eisenberg) is introduced in a whole new fashion, which I am still ambivalent about. Let’s talk about that first.

Lex Luthor, in the comics is this gritty and grim multi-billionaire with a wicked sense of humor and an insatiable appetite to kill/control Superman. In this trailer though, he seemed like the witty, sly, cunning teenager/young adult, with a lot of ambition; basically a typical Jesse Eisenberg character. Now, if I were to draw a parallel between, the comic version and the trailer version, they are poles apart and it is plain disappointing. But, if I were to consider this as the origin story for the Lex Luthor we know, this does make sense. And the wittiness may actually help cut down the intensity this movie is bound to build, as seen, in the trailer.

Moving on to the awesome part. Can I just point out, how awesome, just simply how awesome, each and every action sequence looks. Some scenes looked like they have straight been ripped out of the comics. The vicarious thrill, the viewers feel is simply out of this world, literally. With scenes from the previous trailer and teasers, the trailer is wonderfully balanced in giving old reel time and new scenes, in order not to give away too much. There are some Easter Eggs, I noticed, mainly in the same scene.
The first one can be seen very clearly, winged creatures are scene picking up the soldiers and flying off.


Now for all you out there who read comics and watch the animated movies, know what such creatures are. For all you who don’t know, they are well in layman’s terms the minions of Darksied. Darksied, is arguably one of the strongest characters in the DC universe and has had a long-standing war with the Justice League. Now, if anyone want to know a quick origin story between Darksied and JL, watch Justice League: War. But be advised the source material does differ a little from the movies. This Easter Egg also amounts to a theory that, this is actually a vision of Wonder Woman (Played by Gal Gadot) in the future, which would result the world’s finest to join forces. This is speculated because the tinge of the scenes in the desert and the print color are far different from that of the rest of trailer. Now to a little more exciting one, which is very short, possibly wrong but fast. The Flash. I noticed this when I was watching the trailer for possibly the 20th time. P_20151204_010937

Now I hope you can see the above GIF clearly. If you notice when Batman is fighting that soldier, then for a split second, a red streak just jets across the screen, which shifts to another scene of an explosion. Now if look closely, in a loop, you’ll see that the color of the explosion in the scene after and the red streak that precedes it, are different. Also, in the red streak you can see lightning. Now this is a long shot, but that could possibly be the first look of the Flash in action in  the DCCU.

The soundtracks and background score of the trailer, is simply brilliant. It helps build up the intensity, increases the force of the action scenes and makes the trailer a whole lot better. Dialogues are simply mind-blowing, and fandom inspiring. You can simply feel the plot and story coming together as the trailer progresses, and by the end of it you, know this is possibly going to be best movie you watch in 2016.

The trailer also revealed possibly the main antagonist of the movie. DOOOMMMSSSDDAAAYYY! Doomsday is in this movie. All that speculation was true. Doomsday according the trailer will unite the trinity. I shall leave this part to enjoy for yourselves. Just a little trivia for all of those you out there who don’t know who Doomsday is, he’s one of Superman’s primary nemesis and also responsible for his death in the “Death of Superman” series. Yes, you must google him now.

There was a lot of speculation, that the trailer revealed too much and how Doomsday’s look was disappointing. I’m not gonna debate in this matter because that could be true. But, that’s what they said about The Dark Knight as well didn’t they. “Trailer looked underwhelming. Plot looks horrible. Heath Ledger’s costume and make-up is overdone. Going to be a huge disappointment” Consequently, an Oscar-Nomination, career and character defining performance, one of the most consummate movies ever made and also my number 1 movie. Just going to leave that here. I believe we shouldn’t speculate how this trailer impacted the movie, we have enough time for that once we’ve actually watched the movie. I’d rather just sit and strap in for the thrilling ride Zack Snyder is going to take us on.


Also, this scene, from the first trailer. WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT? I’m still not over this, are you? Goosebumps.

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  1. Don’t you think Eisenberg comes across as a petulant child as he s mostly played a role of a cocky genius in his hits.
    Lex Luthor is surely not a petulant child.
    I have to really hope that the selected scenes of Lex Luthor are scenes in which he is putting on some charade.  Otherwise it will be disappointing.
    Enjoyed reading your review btw. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ryan Mitra says:

      I agree Eisenberg as of now as Lex Luthor looks dicey, but that at no point of time reduces my excitement for this movie. And thanks 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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