Captain America: Civil War – Trailer #1

2016 is the year of the nerds. You got Batman going up against Superman, the return of Samurai Jack and SWAT Cats, and what more? You got the poster boy for America fighting the Marvel Universe’s resident genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, who is also a badass superhero. Y’all know exactly what and whom I am talking about.

The trailer got everyone hyped, and well it should. It is the MCU we are talking about, and over that, the falling apart of our favorite superheroes.
Now, a small preview of the plot it is based upon, Mark Miller’s Civil War, where the superhero community was divided into two factions because some teenaged kids with superpowers decided to show their heroics and that resulted in the villain Nitro blowing out a school. From there started a crap-fest and the Superhuman Registration Act came in place, requiring every super-powered individual to register themselves with the government, with Iron Man supporting it and Captain America opposing it. Long story short (and to not give you any spoiler if you decide to read up on it), Cap surrendered to prevent the loss of life and then something (spoiler) happened.

Now moving to the trailer, we see that it revolves around Bucky, Cap’s childhood friend-turned-assassin-turned friend, as seen in The Winter Soldier and the Sokovia Accords, Sokovia being the place where the main events of Age of Ultron happened. Cap and Falcon found Bucky hiding somewhere, and warn him of soldiers coming to get him. We see Crossbones in the next scene, behind the soldiers clad in black. Crossbones is Frank Rumlow, the HYDRA agent heading SHIELD’s STRIKE division in CA: TWS, also known by the comic book fans as the guy who did some terrible shit at the end of the Civil War series. The scene shifted to General Thunderbolt Ross telling Cap about his current status as more of a vigilante than a superhero. This is very important, as in the MCU, people respect Cap to his last bit. This scene then shifts to a rift between Cap and Black Widow, who hinted that she will arrest him if he interferes in the whole Bucky debacle.

Enters Iron Man, in a new armor, rumored to be the Bleeding Edge armor. Now the specialty of this armor is that Tony controls this armor with his brain, the armor coming out of his bones. Now I don’t expect the exact same tech to be there in the movie, but the Bleeding Edge armor is pretty darn powerful and we hopefully will see that. Later, a small (ahem ahem) rift between Cap and Iron Man is seen, and the funny part is, Cap initially suggested getting Tony’s help on the whole Bucky-issue, but Falcon said he wouldn’t be able to help (Ref: Ant-Man credit scenes). A few action scenes later, with Cap’s team, comprising of himself, Bucky, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Falcon (also, as rumor has it, Ant-Man) going up against Iron Man and War Machine. (They need some serious firepower to deal with this).

Here is when you see the amazing Black Panther! The king of Wakanda, as mentioned in Avengers 2. Seeing him in action definitely got me hyped, and I can say the same for Marvel fans across the globe. We also see War Machine lying on the ground, with his arc reactor pulled out. Now just before this scene, we saw Bucky trying pulling the reactor out from chest. Now the directors did mention that there will be at least one death in this movie. Well, you can connect the dots to form whatever message that you wanna read.

A chase scene and a heartbreaking line later (yes. “So was I” broke hearts), the trailer ends with Cap and Bucky beating the shit out of Iron Man. The best part to note here is how easily they throw the shield at each other allowing multiple assaults. For those you don’t know, in the comics, Bucky picks up the mantle of Captain America and is just as good as Steve Rogers in wielding that shield.
Now that all is said and done, only one thing remains.


This review is by Kartik Agarwal.
The link to his blog is:


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  1. leathehatless says:

    I pick Captain America. 🙂


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